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Many of you have been with us for a while and so you will remember how much I LOVE the Alpha Trap that I reviewed for Mega Catch in 2009.  They have also teamed up with us for a couple of amazing reader giveaways since then, so I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to team up with Mega Catch again to help introduce a brand new Pro 900 Series of mosquito traps with a FANTASTIC Mother’s Day Review and Giveaway!

Let’s face it mosquitoes at best are a nuisance, and at their worse they can be a hardship causing us to take cover inside during the time of year when we most want to be outside enjoying the warm weather.  Both my daughters and myself are extremely sensitive to mosquito bites and it is not uncommon for one small bite to result in a large quarter size (or bigger) welt on our skin.  Did you know that depending on the species, one female mosquito could be capable of laying up to 250 eggs at a time, and as many as 3000 eggs during her lifetime.  Just knowing that has me looking forward to filling up the catch bag of my new trap and eliminating potentially hundreds of thousands of mosquito eggs from our area!

The trap that I received for review is the new Transformer Trap – PRO 900 Series Premier XC.  Let me share some details from Mega Catch about this new trap:  The latest mosquito control technology at the touch of a button!

Building on the success of the Premier or ‘Four Attractant Trap’ as it was widely referred to, Mega-Catch™ has introduced a brand new trap into their PRO 900 Series line up – the Four Attractant Plus Trap!

The PREMIER XC, dubbed the ‘transformer trap’ by our engineers, can attract mosquitoes and other biting insects including sand flies, black flies and biting midges, from as far away as 120 feet.  This state of the art machine employs a sophisticated infrared energy source combined with an integrated LED lighting display, which produces light in the visible and invisible spectrum at oscillating frequencies known to attract most mosquito species.  The XC can be further enhanced with the use of optional attractants; the Mega-Catch™ Octenol fragrance strip, or the Mega-Catch 3000 Combo Lure, which has been specifically formulated to increase capture rates of nuisance mosquitoes including the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus).

An optional upgrade kit (sold separately) converts or ‘transforms’ this trap to top of the line ULTRA specifications, making it carbon dioxide (CO2 ) capable.  While Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps need no CO2 to attract mosquitoes, operation of the CO2 Gas Attractant System enables the ULTRA and PREMIER XC traps to replicate a key feature of human/animal respiration by releasing or ‘exhaling’ variable amounts of CO2 into the air plume.  Mosquitoes then use this air plume to navigate their way to the trap.  Use of this system is entirely optional but it can increase the coverage area (up to 1 ½ acres) and capture rates of a wider range of mosquito species by as much as 300-400%.

Be sure click on over here, to read up on the results for some of the testing that has taken place with the Mega Catch Mosquito Traps.

When I first received the package, I was surprised at how big the box was.  I decided to go ahead and tackle putting it together by myself, but I need not have worried because it was already assembled and all I had to do was put the stand together.  The instructions were straight forward and in no time at all, I had myself an impressive working mosquito trap!

I think it is a bit ironic that while I was putting the trap together I got at least three mosquito bites.  Not to be vindictive but I hope the pesky offenders have been lured into my awesome new trap!

You will be able to see all the details and features of the new series on the Mega Catch website around the 16th of May, but for an introduction I want to share some features of the new Pro 900 Series:

There are four new and improved models in the line: the PRO 900 Series ULTRA, PREMIER XC, PREMIER and ALPHA traps, with a range of features.

  • Safe 12 Volt operation from weatherproof power supply.
  • Universal Voltage allows the traps to be plugged in anywhere in the world – from New Zealand to North America.
  • Constant Voltage Output – even if input varies due to power fluctuations – the output to the trap will remain constant at 12 Volts of power.
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient – the ULTRA, PREMIER XC and PREMIER traps use less power than a 40 Watt light bulb and the ALPHA even less (20 watts).
  • A powerful central core heat system with digital pulse width modulation channel allows traps to mimic subtle changes in human body temperature.
  • Effectively captures other biting insects including sand flies, black flies and midges (no-see-ums).
  • Variable fan speed settings (ULTRA and PREMIER XC) for live catches and species identification.
  • Self-serviceable.  No more delays or costly service center charges – the unique modular design of the ULTRA and both PREMIER models allows the customer to easily replace any components – all that’s needed is a Phillips screwdriver.
  • DIY repairs made even easier with on board diagnostics package (ULTRA and PREMIER XC)Patented carbon dioxide (CO2) gas attractant system which can boost capture rates by as much as 400% comes standard with the ULTRA.  An optional CO2 upgrade kit can convert the PREMIER XC to ULTRA specifications making it CO2 capable.
  • Works with or without attractants to boost capture rates. The Mega-Catch™ Octenol fragrance strip is both EPA and PMRA approved.
  • All traps come fully assembled – simply position, plug in and switch on.

The Premier XC and Ultra traps also feature adjustable Mosquito Attracting Stimuli Settings (MAS) (and there are literally thousands of combinations) which allows them to be fine tuned to maximize capture rates and target specific mosquito species. “The different setting options with MAS will give our customers the ability to experiment with what works best on the mosquitoes in their area” says Mega-Catch™ general manager, Michael Bremner.  For instant gratification there’s also an easy press and go option, with factory default settings, to get your trap up and running at the touch of a button.*

To learn about the details of how the traps actually work, click here.

The first thing I did after I had my trap set up and ready to go, was to set the timers so that the trap will start automatically in the early morning hours and also late afternoon/evening so that we are covered during the times of day when mosquitoes are most active.  Once I determined that the timer works perfectly, I turned the trap on because it is recommended that we have it run 24/7 for the first few weeks.  But then I had to turn it off and bring it in to safety because as most of you know Alabama was hit with some serious storms last week.  Thankfully we came through everything without any personal damage and since I had brought my new trap into a protected area for safe keeping, we were now good to go.  So I was able to pull my trap back out and get it started up – which is good because the heavy rain seems to have caused a tremendous release of new mosquitoes.  It’s been running for two full days now and is already accumulating a pile of bugs in the catch bag!

To start off I am using the catch bag, but I also have the option of using the wet catch container filled with soda or some types of syrup.  I decided to try it dry first, and then I can switch it up to see what works best for our area.  I also have the option of adjusting the fan speed as well as the temperature.  I am also experimenting with different locations.  I am pretty sure that it will end up in the shaded area in the back yard of our home, but I have a few different locations that I want to try out before I decide on something permanent.  Once I pick my location, I can bury the cord so that it is underground and won’t be bothered by kids or critters.

My Final Thoughts: I am thoroughly impressed and thrilled with the new PRO 900 Series Premier XC Mosquito Trap!  All of the adjustable options assure that the trap will be productive in any area of the world.  I love the convenience of the timer option so that I will not always need to remember to turn it on and off every day.  The trap I received will have a suggested retail price of $299.  It is an investment that I consider necessary if you have kids and live in an area that has an active mosquito population.  Both my kids scratch and scratch at their bites, no matter what kind of treatment I put on them.  Many times they itch them until they start bleeding, which causes lots of paranoia for me.  Every time either one of them has an open wound, I worry about the risk of infection and various germs and diseases that they could possibly pick up.  For my own peace of mind, I need to know that I am doing everything I possibly can do to protect them.  This includes multiple levels of mosquito protection and elimination.

Where to Buy: You can order your own mosquito trap directly from Mega Catch’s website!  The new Pro 900 Series will be available on the site starting May 16th., but in the interim, they are having a close out sale offering 30% off of their 600/800 series of traps that you can take advantage of right now!

Win It: Now for the AWESOME giveaway!  One very lucky MommyPR reader will win the Mega Catch PRO 900 Series Premier XC – the same model that I have reviewed here. (MSRP $299.00)  The winner will be drawn on May 16th – a little past Mother’s Day, but still would make a great belated gift for your favorite Mom!


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  2. In one independent scientific test, the ULTRA Mosquito Trap caught an average of 3707 mosquitoes per night.

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