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When I saw the new Medela Freestyle breastpump, I was interested in figuring out how this little bitty pump was going to do the trick, it only took me five minutes to get everything set up for the first time and I was up an rolling (or pumping). The Freestyle goes above and beyond “the trick”, it fit in the palm of my hand and I was able to turn into a hands free unit by clipping it to my waistband!! This pump is claimed to have a more comfortable fit and a memory feature which would mean less fiddling with the machine at each pumping session. I am a busy momma with 4 boys as you all know and three of them are under the age of three, so I have no time to fiddle (I still found myself wanting to mess around with the settings during each use just because it’s so cool and does so much)! So many of my close friends are breastfeeding Moms and they all praise this very breastpump so I was so excited when Medela agreed to send me the Freestyle to review. With my 3rd baby, I hardly ever pumped.  Maybe it was because my husband was deployed to Iraq and therefore unavailable for special date nights. This time I vowed to pump milk like never before –not just so I could take advantage of Dad’s availability but also because I wanted to have a supply to stored  just in case. I’m glad I was able to review this pump; I now know what all the excitement is about!! It’s AMAZING!!!


I like the fact that you can use the pumping collection bottles as baby bottles, I can pump and store milk for Gavin or by putting a nipple on top instead of a cap I can feed him right then so no transferring milk. If I’m away from home I have my cooler and ice packs in my tote (both come with this breastpump). The Medela Freestyle comes with a very stylish tote to carry your pump and all your supplies. The Medela Freestyle is very light weight so I didn’t mind carrying it with me at all (weighed less than my purse as a matter of fact), it weighs around 12 ounces and has an internal battery.  This is a nice feature, it makes so you don’t have to carry a power adaptor, however I did just in case my trips out were extended for any reason (I’m always thinking ahead!!!). There are a few other power choices you have when using the Medela Freestyle (car adaptor, battery or electrical adaptor) so it very versatile.


Another huge plus with the Medela Freestyle Breastpump was I could roam around the house if I wanted to, I was definitely not stuck sitting in one spot while using this pump, you can clip this pump to your nursing bra and clip the unit to your belt, get to the kitchen make yourself a sandwich and all while pumping!! I wouldn’t recommend chasing after rambunctious tots while pumping, but at least you’re not immobilized for 20 minutes. The Medela Freestyle breastpump proved to be quite powerful, and pumping a full bottle really didn’t take me long at all, maybe about 20 minutes. If portability is important, or if you need to be able to watch other kiddos while pumping (and therefore have a difficult time being stationary for 15-20 minutes) the Freestyle is a great choice. I’m not sure a mother could want more from a breastpump.

I really loved that this breastpump had a memory feature that let me set different levels for each of the two phases of pumping. The two phases are: stimulation and expression.  The pump will simulate the baby’s stimulation for two minutes or until you press the let-down button.  Then, it will switch to expression for faster milk collection.  If you tend to pump at the same time each day, you can program the vacuum comfort level and the timing of the stimulation phase. It also remembered how long it took for me to “let down.” Even after a long day of frequent breastfeeding, I was still able to collect milk thanks to the Medela Freestyle. If I were pumping in a traditional office while I focused on work and email, I’d probably really appreciate the ability to put the pump on “autopilot”. The Freestyle’s buttons, knobs and detachable parts seem very sturdy and well made. This is GREAT, because it can be a chore sometimes to locate replacement parts while away from home on a business trip, or visiting family in a strange city.


I didn’t have any problems with the tubing collecting moisture like I did with a previous electric pump. The tubing was easy to take of off the pump and wash and sterilize (manufacturer’s instructions say that you do not need to clean the Freestyle Breastpump’s tubing, being the germaphobe I am I did it anyways). I hung the tubing over my bathroom towel rack and I didn’t seem to have a problem getting the inside of them dry at all (no water to try to flick out of the middle ha-ha)!! All of Medela’s pumps and accessories are BPA-free and Phthalate-free, so you can be sure your baby is in safe hands.

This pump retails for around $379.99 but in my book is well worth every penny if you plan to pump several times a day.  You will be more likely to continue breastfeeding with an efficient and comfortable pump and Medela didn’t hold back with the freestyle!! For mamas on more of a budget or who only need to pump occasionally, the Medela Swing Breastpump is a great single pump that retails for $149.99.

The only improvement to the Freestyle I can dream up would be a back-massage and facial attachment to make me feel more relaxed and attractive while pumping (As once said by a fellow Medela Freestyle user!!!!) In the meantime, I still feel like a cow on a dairy farm, but at least I’m efficient – and how many heifers do you know who can type while lactating?

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