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In about 3 weeks, my family and i will be traveling from Washington to Disneyland in California. We have contemplated hotels that we will stay at who are family friendly. As much as we want a nice clean hotel, we also don’t want the service desk calling up because our youngest is crying. So to hear that the Marriott Hotel chain is now offering a program called Tots Travel Too, really reassures us that our family is welcomed.

They are offering families, free travel cribs with COVERPLAY, a bath time squirt toy, outlet covers, night lights, baby shampoo, baby lotion, even bibs! Such small things but honestly how many times have you left the house to get to a destination and get so upset that you have to spend more money on things you have…at home. I remember the 1st time i walked into an Ikea and seen the breastfeeding bathrooms, the play areas, the food areas had bottle warmers and even baby food, and i thought , whoever their marketing person is should get a raise, because what a great concept. I am so much more likely to travel further to a family friendly place, then to go somewhere where i may get dirty looks because my little one is crying or my oldest wants to play.

In our travels we usually pack lots of snacks, drinks, crayons and DVDs. We drove from Italy to Germany to see Munich on Christmas, (by the way they offer Military Discounts!) and the scenery was just captivating. So for us, both our daughters were eyeballing castles, and grape vined hillsides. It made for great conversation for sure. When you tell tales of Kings, Queens, and princess’s, it makes it so much better to actually see a real castle.

I think my tip for your traveling  would to get your littlest ones excited about where you are going. If you are going to a farm, maybe get them prepared for animals by using flash cards along the way and asking what sounds they make.

I really commend Marriott on this idea. I hope to see them on our trip in July!

Now here is a bit of information provided by Marriott , COVERPLAY and Resourceful Mommy Media:

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For parents traveling with little ones, Marriott has got you covered. Today, Marriott International, Inc. is introducing Tots Travel Too™, a program designed to make travel easier for families with young children, available at more than 2,500 Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn and TownePlace Suites hotels in the continental U.S. and Canada.

The complimentary Tots Travel Too program provides guests, upon request, with a travel crib and laundered COVERPLAY® removable crib slipcover to ensure their “traveler-in-training” can rest comfortably.  For a bit of bath time fun, a complimentary gift comes with the COVERPLAY, an animal squirtie toy.  In addition, parents who have forgotten to pack their tot’s essentials can contact the front desk for complimentary items, including outlet covers, nightlights, baby shampoo, and baby lotion, plus disposable bibs will be available in the breakfast areas.

“As a parent with a child under three, I am definitely aware of all the planning and stress that can happen when traveling with toddlers,” said Peggy Fang Roe, Vice President, Global Brand Management, TownePlace Suites & Marriott Executive Apartments, Marriott International, Inc.  “We’ve developed the Tots Travel Too program to meet the unique needs of families traveling with very young children. By helping reassure parents, the Tots Travel Too program helps them to relax, enjoy their trip and create long-lasting and happy memories with their families.”

As part of the Tots Travel Too program, COVERPLAY developed an exclusive slipcover design for Marriott that will be featured at Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn and TownePlace Suites hotels, as well as available for purchase on

As Marriott was developing its Tots Travel Too program, a few of its hotels began offering COVERPLAY slipcovers and it was receiving rave reviews from guests. Recognizing the great potential of the one-of-a-kind product for its guest traveling with small children, Marriott soon signed an agreement with COVERPLAY owners and business partners, Allison Costa and Amy Feldman, to offer their product at more than 2,500 hotels across the U.S. and Canada.

“As a mother of twin boys, I truly appreciate all that these five Marriott brands are doing to make travel easier for parents and their little ones,” said Allison Costa, founder and co-owner, COVERPLAY. “As a female small business owner, our new relationship with Marriott has also been instrumental in growing our small business.”


COVERPLAY is a proud member of the WBENC and owned and operated by Allison Costa and Amy Feldman. The company sells a line of over 20 different COVERPLAY slipcovers that fit easily over almost all standard size play yards on the market. The portable crib covers are machine washable and provide parents an easy way to protect their children from germs and keep play yards clean. COVERPLAY is all about making life easier for moms. For more information on COVERPLAY Slipcovers, visit

So what is your Tot Travel Tip?

One lucky reader will win a  Tots Travel Too gift pack (retail value approximately $78).

(You can view more photos and an in depth description here)

Your tip will also be included on a Marriott site along with your name, and website/blog (if applicable).

Once the winners name is selected i will write a second post announcing the winner , and link to the winning tip posted on The Motherhood.

Mandatory Entry:

Entrants must leave a comment with a tip for travelling with tots/children.

(Please make sure you leave me your email and blog link)

Open to USA & Canada

Ends June 28th 2010

This is the ONLY entry.

TWITTER PARTY ALERT!– July 1st with @Resourcefulmom from 9pm-10pm ET. Use the hashtag #TotsTravel2

Over $2000 in prizes from @MarriottIntl and tips will be shared from The Motherhood Circle


I am working in partnership with Marriott and Global Influence – a Resourceful Mommy Media network – to cover the Marriott Tots Travel Too program and have received a stipend.

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  1. I pack coloring books and crayons, blanket, dvds, books, snacks, and try to travel when the children are tired.

  2. I have special toys and activities that are only used when we travel. That way it is like getting new toys. My mom did the same thing with me when I was little. It also never hurts to have an iPod loaded with a couple of his favorite shows…… (My son will be 3 in July)

    voodookitten at tx dot rr dot com

  3. ALWAYS bring a fave blanket or pillow. Every year we take a family road trip and I've found that some hotel pillows are way too huge for our lil' ones so we ALWAYS bring one of their pillows from home.

  4. My best tip, don't leave home w/o snacks and drinks. A small board game or coloring books is also great to keep them busy.

  5. What a wonderful idea! My tip is to look into renting larger baby items at your location. A lot of tourist cities have companies that will rent strollers, car seats, baby carriers and much more at a reasonable price. This means no additional luggage fees at the airport, no crammed cars and a all over lighter load.

  6. Snacks and water are key to helping to avoid many a melt down and I always pack a mini first aid kit with band-aids, disinfecting wipes, kleenex, benedryl, tylenol and any other meds my family uses regularly! Makes it easier than paying a lot or spending lots of time finding these things where ever you might be visiting and gives comfort to your kids!

  7. My idea is to pack brand new toys that the kids have never seen. Then when they get super cranky during the trip, “unveil” the new toys to keep them entertained. It's also good to buy souvenirs ahead of time too. You can find cheap, almost new Disneyland toys at garage sales and thrift shops. Pack those and when the kids start saying “I wanna…” pull out your pre-purchased toys!! Wa-lah!!

  8. Pack extra clothes, whatever messes your tot normally gets into at home will be twice as worse while away!
    six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Traveling with brand new babies seems to be our forte. I've gotten to a place (with 3 kids) where I pack an over night bag packed with 2 pairs of underwear/diapers (for bedtime) per kid and parent (lol, you never know), extra shirt, pants, and socks. Just in case the trip takes an extra day to get there or you just aren't in the mood to pull out all the bags. We also take a bucket and napkins…just as a precaution with yucky bathrooms or no bathrooms along the way.

  10. Pack lots of and lots of baby wipes. They are great to clean dirty hands or clean up a mess in the car. I think they are great for any age to have.

  11. My big tip for traveling with children is to pack a backpack type carrier. I hate lugging the stroller around while trying to juggle luggage and hold my older child's hand. I put my daughter in our backpack carrier and I have my hands free, she is comfy, and I feel more relaxed.

    Also, don't worry about other travelers giving you nasty looks if your kids are misbehaving. Your kids are children who don't know how to act on a crowded airplane — those rude adults DO know better! 🙂

  12. Pack a sling or other baby carrier. Maximizes storage space in the car, you are “hands free”, and you won't have to lug extra stuff around while you are out and about with the little one.

    rollerbeth at gmail dot com

  13. When I'm traveling with my toddler on the airplane, I always make sure to bring her favorite sippy cup (or bottle, when she was younger) so she can drink something during take off and landing. It really helps relieve the pressure on her ears, and sets the tone of the rest of the flight! If sucking doesn't help the pain, I put a warm towel over her ears (you can ask the flight attendant to warm a towel for you) and that always helps her!

  14. My tip is to travel with snacks and Ipod touchs, you can get plenty of free or cheap apps for kids and toddlers that will keep them entertained for hours, the inital cost is more than the kids version of leap frog but their are so many more game and apps and lots are free compared to 19.99 or more each.

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