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I am sure that some of you, if not all, has heard of Magic Jack.  I had the opportunity to try it out and I must say I love it. You can plug it in the USB  on your computer. I put mine in the back and front of my desktop and it worked in both .  I just plugged mine in and in seconds it was asking for my name and email.  I was literally calling people within a couple of minutes. This is a very simple installation. I am not very technical and it was very easy.  I made calls to my relatives who are usually long distance from me and I also called Angela from Mommy PR because she lives across many states from me.  The website says that Magic Jack utilizes a dedicated telephone network and provides crystal clear call quality. I have to say it really does. I could hear them very clear and they would have never known that I was using the Magic Jack if I did not tell them. That is how clear it is. I live out in the country so I wondered if that would affect the calling. I do not get cell phone service so you can see why I would wonder about the Magic Jack. I was really surprised. I do not think it matters where you are because if I can get clear quality calls at my home, I am betting everyone else can too. The Magic comes with  directory assistance, phone number, call waiting, caller id and voice mail at no extra charge.

One of the great things about Magic Jack is that as long as two people who are talking to each other has a Magic Jack, you can be on opposite sides of the world and it is FREE..That’s right. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you both have Magic Jack. One can be in Japan and the other in the US and it is NOT long distance. How wonderful is that? If only one person has Magic Jack in the US and decides to call someone in Japan that doesn’t have Magic Jack then long distance fees do apply but the rates are not bad at all.  For the price of the Magic Jack you could send someone you talk to one and it won’t break your budget..For just $39.95 plus shipping and handling on the Magic Jack website you can have one. After that the YEARLY not monthly fee is just $19.95. How cheap is that? I read on their website where they say that you can get your own home phone number for a nominal fee sometime in 2009. I honestly can not wait for that. I will do away with my land line phone and just have the Magic Jack. Can you imagine how much we could save money for one of these? I spend more than the $19.95 yearly fee in one month with my land line phone..How much would you save with one yourself?  Hundreds?? You can see now why I am so excited about having the Magic Jack in my home. With knowing how well it works I can highly recommend it. I have been using it and have never had any problems with it. I must tell you all though that you have to have either Broadband, High-Speed internet, Cable internet, DSL, WiFi, Wireless, WiMax or FiOS for your Magic Jack to work. They do have a place on the FAQ page that lets you test your computer to see if you can have it or not. That is really the only thing that you need.. You can also take the Magic Jack with you on international vacations and it will not cost you anything to call back to the Unites States and Canada..

Here is what Magic Jack website says about Dan Borislow the inventor of Magic Jack.

Dan Borislow is also the founder of YMAX Communications Corporation, a modern phone company with the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) network in the U.S.

Borislow has been in the telecommunications industry for over twenty years and is recognized in the industry for pioneering the development of breakthrough technologies. He previously held the position of CEO and Founder of publicly-held Tel-Save, Inc.  At Tel-Save, Borislow revolutionized low-cost long-distance for more than four million America Online (AOL) customers. While with Tel-Save, he saved customers over 40% on their phone bills and also received the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates Award for Customer Satisfaction.

After a brief attempt at retirement, Borislow returned to the telecom industry and invented the magicJack. By eliminating the expense of local and long distance phone charges – and saving the average customer around $1,000 a year – magicJack is positioned to be the fastest growing telecom company in the world; Borislow likes to call it “Telecom Revolution Part II.”

Borislow received his Bachelor of Arts degree and an honorary doctorate degree from Widener University where he also serves on the Board of Trustees. He is an avid soccer player, dedicated deep sea fisherman, enjoys watching sports and has a thoroughbred horse breeding business.

So how would you like to have one for yourself and save some money? Well Magic Jack has given me a Magic Jack to ONE lucky Mommy PR reader.


CLICK HERE to go Magic Jack and tell me if your area code is listed and what your area code is.

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This giveaway is for the USA only…

This giveaway ends on August 10th, 2009


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