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I am thrilled to introduce you and your tween to Mackenzie Blue!  This new series of books is a perfect read for young girls and my daughter quickly fell in love with the main character Zee (Mackenzie Blue).


Early in the book Zee asks her dad to drop her off a block from school because it was so embarrassing to be seen with him driving her to school.  Oh boy did that ever transport me back to my complete and total embarrassment on the day my Mom dropped me off at the front door of school in her purple Gremlin!!!

Zee is entering seventh grade without her BFF, who has recently moved to Paris.  Zee is charming, sweet and a talented singer.  Much of the story revolves around school, music and Zee losing her diary.  This story really has it all – embarrassment, drama, school crushes – just like junior high!


My daughter (9) and I read Mackenzie Blue together each day and we both really enjoyed the story.  My daughter even hopped on their website yesterday to send Zee an email asking when the next book will be out.  We are already missing our daily adventures with Zee !

Mackenzie Blue was  officially released on May 5, 2009 and is the first book for an amazing woman named Tina Wells.

thumbs_with_cell_phoneAt 16 years old Tina founded Buzz Marketing ( and today is considered America’s youth expert.  It’s no wonder the book was perfectly written for my young daughter as Tina keeps up with all of what’s hot for the under 20 crowd!  Some of her clients at Buzz Marketing include SonyBMG , Sesame Workshop, Verizon and Procter + Gamble.  She has won many awards and honors including Billboard’s 30 Under 30 Award and the 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.  Impressed?  I sure am!  You can read even more about Tina Wells on the Mackenzie Blue site.

Mackenzie Blue is Tina’s first book and it is obvious that she poured her heart into developing these characters! We will be anxiously waiting for Mackenzie Blue, The Secret Crush to come out!

Take some time to check out their site which includes great ways to interact with the characters of the book!  How fun is that for your tween?  As I mentioned earlier, Hanna hopped on IMG_1386_edited-1there to send a message to Zee and she is looking forward to her response!  Zee also keeps an online diary that she updates weekly!

You can also go to Kathi’s Closet, where you can dress Kathi and her friends in the latest fashion and have a photoshoot , or take a quiz to see which character you are most like.  My daughter took the quiz and was very happy to be most like Mackenzie!

Do you have a daughter like Mackenzie Blue?  Check the site to find out more about their current contest where author Tina Wells is searching for the real Mackenzie Blue!  You can bet we will be entering!

If you are looking for a fun read for your child, Mackenzie Blue will not disappoint you, or your child, with its trendy talk and totally cool illustrations you too will be anxiously waiting for the next book to come out! You can purchase Mackenzie Blue at for $10.99 or less.

Now for some exciting news!! Buzz Marketing Group has generously offered TWO lucky MommyPR readers their own signed copy of Mackenzie Blue!
How can you win?

*Required* Main Entry :  Go to the Mackenzie Blue site look around tell me what you like about the site or something interesting you learned about either the Author or the Characters of Mackenzie Blue.

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2. Take the quiz and tell us which character you (or your child) are most like.

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