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Lulaclips hold the car seat harness out of the way when loading your child. They are like an extra set of hands when you need it most. Lulaclips ensure that you never have to dig the buckles out from under your child and make sure you never risk waking a sleeping baby. They will make you and your baby smile!

Finally someone created something to help those lost and tangled clips on a car seat! LulaClips is the answer to every parents car seat nightmare.  I know for my daughter, we love our car seat. It fits her great, it fits in the car, its cute, all the good stuff. But every time she gets in it, the arm straps curl around and tangle up. What kills me is the fact that the straps curl around yet for the love of animal crackers, you can not untangle them 100% ever. Its seriously like a Rubik’s cube.

LulaClips makes things so much easier by putting one on each side of the car seat, you can lay the buckle on one (magnetized) and put your baby or toddler in their car seat with no trouble or mess in the way. Plus its even nicer for sleeping babies! These are easy to add, and fit any car seat. Personally, it is much easier to get my 4 year old in and out without scrambling for the clips while its raining on my back. (Seriously it rains here so much). But even when I would have my 8 year old help, it was just as hectic. Now its much much easier!

Check out the video above, and get your own hands on LulaClips soon, only $14.99! (Perfect for a baby shower gift!)  

PTPA Award Winner!

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