LOLL Poncho Towel Review


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If you regularly take your kids to the pool, this is a MUST have item. This poncho towel from LOLL is a grownups version of the ones your kids probably have – you know the towel they just throw on after swimming get in the car and are done….

I wore mine to the pool over the top of my swimming costume when I went last week, there are 2 internal pockets which were great for my phone and keys, so I didn’t have to worry about them falling out and getting wet/lost (that’s happened before 🙁 ). It made life so easy, I got to the pool took off my LOLL and was ready to go, well as ready as you can be with 2 children under 5!

LOLL Beachwear

The kids wore their poncho towels to the pool as well, it’s just too cold at the moment to wear just a cossie, although they did try. After we finished swimming we got dressed so we could have some lunch at the cafe. Usually, this means that I freeze while I get the 2 kids dried off and dressed, as holding a towel around you while doing that is near on impossible. But this time we had our shower and I took my swimsuit off and just had my LOLL on, so warm! The arm holes and side zippers made it really easy to get the kids dressed, and by the time I’d done them I was pretty much dry so getting me dressed was easy too.

LOLL BEachwear

All in all wearing my LOLL saved me a lot of effort and feeling cold! I can totally see myself wearing to the beach this summer as well, great to change under as it is really roomy inside and the side zips mean I can unzip them and lie it out as a towel. Plus as we discovered one of the kids could fit in there with me – great for when we are both feeling chilly after a swim or just want a cuddle.

LOLL poncho towels are from Australia and are available at – it does take about 2 weeks to wait for it to arrive, but trust me it’s worth the wait 🙂


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