If you are a lover of all things photography, then i am sure you know the name Lensbaby!


The pictures you can create are endless with the quality and versatility of Lensbaby Lenses and Apertures.


From Lensbaby:

What We Believe In

Lensbaby’s Mission is to help professional and amateur photographers see and document their worlds in unique and creative ways. We value:

Creativity – we honor new ways of understanding and expressing

Integrity – we produce high quality products that deliver on the promises we make

Growth – we learn and grow as individuals and as an organization

Customer happiness – we treat our customers like royalty

Each other – – we serve each other and the business that provides for us

The planet – we minimize the negative environmental consequences of our work



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  1. My brother just got a new -professional grade camera- a would love this! I think her would choose the extra wide lens and add on the fun be creatice kit that adds ‘shape sparkles’ to your pics. I called and asked- and these would fit his cam- *fingers crossed*

  2. I entered the Rockin Puch- for my sis in law
    I just noticed I listed the two item shown on this site.. lol- ididn’t intend to.
    I do like the optic lenses, where you can drop in, or get single glass for a vintage look 🙂

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