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This, my friends, is the completely awesome, totally stylish and extremely fun Lenovo IdeaPad U160 laptop, part of the new line of “U” series Lenovo laptops. Before I get too far into the details of how much I LOVE using this laptop, let me tell you about the “Fun Factor” campaign going on over at Lenovo right now.

“What’s your idea of fun?” asks Lenovo. If your computer is not fun enough, then you’re truly missing out! Think about how many hours in a day or a week you spend on the computer, and then think about how much fun your computer really is. If it’s not all that exciting, then you should check out the cool Lenovo app that lets you compare your current laptop to a fun, exciting Lenovo laptop. While you’re there you can also create your own “What’s your idea of fun?” video using your own pictures (hint hint).


My idea of fun is a lazy day at the beach, with my toes in the sand, a fruity tropical drink in my hand and no care for the worries and stresses at home. So, here’s all that in a fun video format (by the way, I intentionally chose the goofy pictures of me!)…


Now, on to the part you have been patiently waiting for…the IdeaPad U160 laptop! For starters, I don’t think I could put this in better words myself, so I’m borrowing a quick description of the U160 from Lenovo:

“The U160 has an 11-inch screen and is about as thin and light as you can get. However, the U160 should not be confused with a netbook, which are the little 10’’ ‘laptops’ that you often see for sale in retail stores for $299 and run on the Intel atom processor Netbooks are great for basic computing tasks like emailing and web surfing. However, the U160 runs on a normal Intel processor, which means it is much more powerful than a netbook and can handle typical workloads (e.g. work related projects, streaming video – it comes with an HDMI output for HDTV hookup).”

Cool, huh? It gets better though…Being a Lenovo laptop means it comes packed with even more great features. My favorite aspect of the laptop is the thin, ultra light weight design (with the stylishly cool design on the cover). It’s incredibly easy for me to tote around from room to room in my house, or pack up to take with me. A big issue I have with other smaller laptops and netbooks is the compressed keyboard. After being accustomed to typing on the standard size keyboard for so many years, it’s awkward to try to train my fingers to type closer together. Luckily, the U160 doesn’t even feel like a small keyboard. I had no problem at all adjusting to the new keyboard, and I actually prefer it now to a standard keyboard! The keys are not bunched together, but they are slightly spaced from one another and surrounded by background which prevents crumbs and dust from settling between them.


Besides the attractive physical features of the U160 laptop, there are also quite a few unique features “under the hood” as well. For instance, the U160 runs on an Intel Core i7 processor with “Lenovo Enhanced Experience” for Windows 7 (which essentially means your laptop is faster and easier to use). I also love the DirectShare feature (which allows to you synch with another computer without using the internet), the VeriFace feature (which allows you to sign into your laptop with your face instead of a typed password) and the Dolby Advanced Audio (which I have thoroughly tested and am proud to say the audio gets Mommy PR’s stamp of approval)!


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