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Are you interested in a keto diet? If so, Kiss My Keto has some great products to offer!

Kiss My Keto is a brand dedicated to the ketogenic lifestyle. We were struggling to find good, honest brands that used the correct ingredients and kept within the macronutrient level for a proper keto diet.  We demonstrate how to use our products in a practical way that integrates with your lifestyle. We feel that educating the customer on how to use the product is equally as important as the product itself. Whether you’re curious about the ketogenic diet, or you’ve been keto for a while, we hope you will give Kiss My Keto a try. We’re confident that you’ll love our products and the useful tips that come with every purchase.

Kiss My Keto is offering 1 lucky MommyPR reader a prize pack of :

Keto Bone Broth – Variety – 15 Pack

keto broth

Comes In 3 Delicious, Gourmet Flavors

  • Savory Beef Chili – This broth has the classic beef chili flavor, but without the carbs from the beans. Normally beef chili could take hours to prepare and cook… But with Keto Bone Broth – you can make it in 60 seconds or less! No mess to clean up after either.
  • Exotic, Thai Green Curry Chicken – Aromatic and exotic, if you’re a fan of Thai food, you’ll love this Bone Broth flavor. Pair this broth with a batch of cauliflower fried rice – and you have a delicious Keto meal – ready to heat n’ eat!
  • Zesty Lemon Turkey Thyme – Make every day taste like Thanksgiving with this delicious turkey broth… Seasoned with gentle, earthy thyme – combined with a hint of lemon for a zesty, but flavorful kick!

Keto Gummies 12 Pack

Keto Gummies

Ever wish you had a sweet, Keto-friendly snack you could fall back on when you’re craving sugar?

Something small enough that you can carry with you in your bag when you’re on the go?

And if you’re a busy mom – wouldn’t it be great if you had a sweet snack that even your kids can enjoy with you?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above…

You’re in luck, because Keto Gummy Bears are perfect for you! At just 3 grams of net carbs…

And 54 calories per packet (which is less than a cup of blueberries)…

Keto Gummies are the perfect treat you can have in-between meals, when you’re craving some sweet comfort food – or if you’re just plain hungry.

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  1. We have been keto since April 1 and I have lost 45 pounds. I am always on the prowl for good keto products. Many advertise their products as keto friendly, but are no really. These sound keto and yummy.

  2. I’ve been doing Keto on and off for a few years now and will be starting up again in the new year. I would love to try some products I haven’t tried yet.

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