Keeping a Dog on a Busy Schedule

The advantages of having a pet outweigh the disadvantages


Life is a series of compromises with death at the end. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise in trying to make your life full of joy, laughter, and happiness.

It means that you should do the best you can to enjoy your limited time here. Don’t take your life for granted and understand that sharing it with a pet can have outsized benefits. Man’s best friend can be a long-term companion, friend, and playmate for both you and your family to keep you focused and feeling young.

There are some aspects of having a dog for a pet that might take a little getting used to. Dogs, unlike cats and most other pets, are very social creatures and should be included in family activities or have time set aside just for them.


Puppies and older dogs benefit from having schedules, just like people do. Knowing that there a specific time for eating and going for walks helps your dog understand his role in your family. It gives your pet a sense of stability and discipline.


There is no reason not to combine exercise for your puppy with your own. If you walk or run, take your dog along with you. Large, active dogs will benefit from inclusion in your exercise regimen more than smaller dogs will. Nonetheless, all dogs need exercise. Keeping them shut in the house during the day can make a dog bored and restless. Burning off some of the energy in the morning will keep your house from getting wrecked by your puppy working off excess energy while you are gone.


Companies, like Nashville’s Doggie’s Day Out, offer daycare and boarding services for dogs when the owners work or are gone during the day. Activities, snacks and a friendly environment around other dogs can keep your pet from getting lonely or acting out if they feel ignored.


Daycare isn’t always an option. Finding a playmate for your puppy can be as simple as finding a friend who also has a dog and keeping them together during the day. As long as the dogs get along – have a couple, supervised play dates first – they should keep each other entertained and out of trouble during the day. If unsupervised, keeping a baby monitor on the puppies should warn you if they get in trouble.


Toys have gotten a lot more sophisticated than a fetch stick or an old tennis ball. Keeping your dog occupied during the day can be a lot simpler with the inclusion of a dog ball launcher, promotes. This awesome invention can keep your energetic puppy occupied for hours. It’s easy for puppies to use and once the dog has learned how to work the simple mechanism, it doesn’t need human intervention. Your dog can keep itself entertained for hours with no need for you to be there.

Taking on a dog as a pet is a big responsibility. They are a part of your family and have needs like any other member would. Keeping them healthy, happy and loved is as important as keeping your children or spouse in the same state.

The advantages of owning a dog for a pet are myriad but you should understand and accept your responsibilities before you get one.