Kajeet Review

I heard about Kajeet from a friend of mine and wanted to try it. I like it and will use it all of the time.


They have good monthly deals without setting up a contract. All though it is good overall there are a few things that i would like to point out that could be changed. Like when texting if you get a text you should be able to decide to open  or not especially when its someone with the wrong number. But even after it stops ringing and you open the text message is opened. I like the features that the camera comes with. Like color tone blue, green, orange, etc. Also you can put little stamps over pictures use backgrounds like astronaut with a spot to take a picture firefighter and Paris. you can do set times multiple shots and more.You also get about 40 pictures on your phone. The Sonyo Katana is a nice phone but it is not good for texting.The deals are good like unlimited texting and 150 minutes of talk for one month for ONLY $20. Kajeet is definitely for lids the katana is good if you don’t text much. otherwise it takes some time but you can get good if you text enough.




No Contracts. No Activation Fees. No Early Termination Fee.

We understand what it’s like to have kids. One minute they want one thing, the next they want the opposite. That’s why we don’t require a contract. Buy it, use it, and if you want to cancel it, do so at any time, without any penalties.

Easy Parental Controls

We understand kids which is why our parental controls are totally flexible. Good grades one week? Add to the allowance. Late for curfew? Restrict the times she can use the phone. Our parental controls allow you to set up allowances, decide who she can call and text, and when.

GPS Phone Locator

We understand parents too. One of the reasons you get your kid a phone is for security. With this added feature, you can find your kid’s phone any time. You can also set up scheduled locates to check in on a regular basis.

All this and plans starting as low as $4.99/month.

From a parents point of view:

There is a great safely feature that you can get with Kajeet which is a GPS signal. This way, for $10 a month you can keep tabs on where your child is and also in case they lose their phone. (Wish i had that on mine! LOL).  Another feature is that you can put funds into the “parents” wallet and then only transfer to the childs wallet when you want or need to. This makes it nice to keep track of what they are spending and how.

If you are worried about harassing calls or text messages, you can block any number for free in seconds right online. To me, i know a few moms will say well its your child’s privacy and freedom to have a cell phone. To me, this is the best way to let them have that freedom, but feel they are in good hands leaving with not only a cell phone, but one that is parent friendly.

You can always view every text or cell phone call as well. Overall my view is it is a great phone service for families. I dohave a few things i hope are changed sometime..

1) Charges for incoming texts should be waived since the message opens automatically.

2) There needs to be larger plans for families, maybe discounts on multiple phones or larger plans.


Kajeet has a plan to suit everyone. You can change your plan at any time – there are no penalties or hidden fees. Prices listed include all taxes. And all kajeet plans include FREE parental controls!

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