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Have you ever been indoor kart racing ? I had not been to anything like this besides bumper cars. This was completely different! There were rules, safety measures, and the most obvious..no bumping.

With larger cities around us, I was determined to find some good clean fun for my husband and I. Up popped K1 Speed ; Electric Indoor Kart Racing.

At K1 Speed, we strive to offer our customers America’s best entertainment venue. With indoor go kart racing centers throughout Southern California, Washington, Florida, and Phoenix, K1 Speed is uniquely equipped to help with your next corporate event, team building activity, seminar, product launch, catered function, birthday party, bachelor party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or special occasion. We are also more than happy to accommodate racers who want to come in any day of the week and experience the thrill of public indoor karting. Our popular Arrive and Drive allows individuals, be they seasoned pros or novices, to come in any time (except in the event of a private party rental) and feel the rush of adrenaline from our green, eco-friendly electric karts. If you feel the need for speed, we invite you to visit one of our public indoor karting centers today to see firsthand what K1 Speed has to offer.

~Quoted from K1Speed.com

It sounded fun, and scary to me. We went up on a Sunday, which I thought would be slower. How wrong I was. Traffic was craziness, and the K1 Speed was busy busy. The outside of K1 is very deceiving. The Seattle location has a small sign leading to this small hidden parking lot. One door and a simple sign above it lets you know you are in the right spot. However, once inside, it was a whole other story. That was place was sleek, modern, and spotless. I have never seen such a nice recreational center. For something of this nature I expected the windows to be dirty, or the rugs to have footprints, etc.

When you walk in, to the right are 2 pool tables, plenty of TV’s and seating. Off to the left is the front desk (who greeted us immediately), and an arcade. Directly in front was a cleverly laid out seating area with more TV’s above and a wrap around viewing area of the race way. In the far left corner was also food area and place to select your helmets.

As we started on our venture, my husband was excited more than I have ever seen. Myself, I was nervous as heck. I barely made the darn height requirement…yes, I am THAT short, but I also had no idea how to drive one of these things! Thankfully, one of the employees took everyone who was in the 1st run (we choose to have 2 runs, but there are a few other options) to the back where they have all the flags, rule board and a sample car. There he explained the colors and meanings, what not to do, and safety precautions. He also sat in the sample car and showed us how to drive it, turn it on, buckle up, ect.  He was excellent on explaining everything, and I felt a ton better. Next we had to gear up. We put on our helmets and went to our karts. This is where the height issue came into play. I was too short to reach the pedals completely. Thankfully, they had a booster for me, and honestly, it was really comfortable.

There were a good few people racing with us and my nervousness came back as I seen others plastered to the windows to watch. All I could think is what these pro’s would say as I putt putt around the track. The flag came down and off we went!

I could not stop laughing going around that track because every time I came to the flag guy, he was waving the “you are slow so get over and let the real racers pass” flag. (Not the real name of the flag, but same meaning). I kept seeing my husband fly past me, along with the other 15 racers of course. My heart would race every time a turn came. I have an incredible fear of turns, and to drive a machine as fast as the others were, i was laughing from the fun and then screaming inside myself at the turns. When the 1st round was done, my husband finished 2nd place and I finished last (of course!). We were so thrilled with that experience, I could not wait for round 2.

While we waited, we had the chance to look around more. I found out K1 Speed rents helmet cams. How neat! It was only $19.99 for the rental but I didn’t get a chance to ask how much the DVD would be after. If we go back again, I would love to rent one!

Back to round 2! We again geared up and they already had my booster ready. Before we started out, I gave my husband the pep talk. I told him he had to win this one for us. I wanted to see his name in the 1st position. Off we went again! This time I felt braver going around the turns, braver as in I almost puked in my mouth from excitement and fear. I seen my husband once again fly past me several times. I just kept going as fast as I could stand and hoped for the best score. Awesomely enough I finished next to last place. See, one place up! My husband made me proud coming in 1st place on that one. Woo hoo! They even printed out our scores at the end to take home.

K1 Speed does sell trophies and medals for a really decent price. I wanted to buy him one but he humbly declined.

Check out the new K1 Speed Commercial!

Here are a few photos from our fun day!

Overall- We really enjoyed ourselves. It was a little bit of a drive for us to get there, so our visits may be far and few, however if you live closer to one of the 8 current location, check them out. Races & prices vary for ages and party events. Our 2 races was approximatively $80 combined. You can find a $5 coupon on your race sheet after your 1st visit. You can also purchase racing gear from the K1 Shop.

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I received free services in exchange for a review.

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