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Have you ever been curious or considered ordering your prescription eyeglasses online?  My husband has been needing glasses for a while now so he bought the over the counter type at a drug store for reading, but they just weren’t perfect.  I badgered asked him to go ahead and get his eyes checked and bring me a copy of the prescription since I had an opportunity to order the glasses online and review them for Just Eyewear, thinking maybe we could get some glasses that would actually allow him to see better.

After waiting  impatiently for a few weeks, he finally had the chance to get in to the eye doctor.  They were not that thrilled about giving him a copy of his prescription, but they did finally agree.  We had decided that he would get one pair from the eye doctor and then we would order a backup pair from Just Eyewear.

On his way to the appointment he called and asked me if I wanted to come along, but I told him that I was sure he could handle it on his own since my schedule is pretty jam packed these days.  For what happened next, I partly blame myself… after all he did ask me to come with him.  He went to his appointment, and the nice sales person helped him pick out the glasses that looked the best on him.  They do look nice, but they also come with a staggering price tag of $630.00 (and that includes the discount).  Now neither one of us have worn glasses for a few years, so I don’t know if this is average from an eyeglass store but I was stunned!

Now I am going to let you judge for yourself.  The glasses on the left are the ones I ordered from Just Eyewear for $68.00 (Frames $39.00 and we added the  Bifocals for another $29.00) and the ones on the (your) right are the pricey $630.00 Tommy Bahama glasses:

The ones from the eye doctor have transition lenses, which we could have added for another $59.00 from Just Eyewear, but we didn’t need to have that for his second pair.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about ordering eyeglasses online and wondering if they would fit right and look good.  Actually the ordering process was pretty easy.  I just added his prescription and measurements (I used his new glasses as a guide and measured them), and the new glasses fit him perfectly right, and I think they look just as great as the pricey ones!  In about the same amount of time that it took for his glasses to come in at the eye doctor (about a week), we had our order from Just Eyewear arrive in our mailbox!  I was so impressed when I opened them up and found that they are a high quality frame that is about the same weight as his other pair.  Putting them side by side they are so very similar that you can’t really tell them apart and I am blown away by the price difference!  I highly recommend that you check into Just Eyewear before you purchase your next pair of glasses!

If you are considering purchasing your eyeglasses online be sure to check out the helpful articles on the Just Eyewear site like How to Buy Glasses Online, How to Choose A Frame, and How to Read Your Eyeglasses Prescription.

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I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.

I did receive a $50 credit off the eyeglasses to help facilitate my review.

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