Jurlique Baby’s Gentle Shampoo And Body Wash Review



I recently was able to review a brand i have never heard of….Jurlique.

I had the chance to use the Baby’s Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash. I have to say, im not sure what they use to make there bottles..but they are really well designed. The bottles are thick and are perfectly designed for one handed washing. It has a button that you can just press to pop the lid open! And no its not one that you will struggle with lol. Its really a VERY easy pop open bottle. But the button blends in so well that your kids will not notice, so you wont loose it down the drain in one bath!

So now the actual wash LOL…I am not certain if its suppose to be tear free..but i will warn you..its not. My recommendation would be for babies you still use a cloth on there hair..and toddlers older than 3. My 2 yr old screamed to high heaven when i was rinsing it and so i would say that age..no lol. The scent was nice, it does lather up nice as well, and the company behind these products is worth the read.

Cost- $18.00

Worth the buy- I am going to say NO actually. I just believe a product for children, should be tear free “just in case”

What i liked- The bottle design was definatly a positve to me. Also the fact that they grow there own plants is amazing for our envirnoment.

Improvements- Make it Tear Free!

Would i review more from Jurlique – Yes the Body Exfoliating Gel sounds amazing and since i dont need Tear Free.. LOL.

I did find the information below and found it beneficial for anyone.

–>When are the plants harvested?

Our main harvest season is from September through March (spring and summer in Australia). Farmers pick flowers and plants like calendula, lavender, rose, sandalwood, marshmallow, and licorice. Each plant is picked by hand, in its own way. After the harvest is over, rye, clover, and oats are planted to nourish the soil during the winter.

How are the plants and flowers from your farm transformed into Jurlique products?

After our herbs, flowers, and roots are harvested and dried, we put them through our three-step Biointrinsic Extraction process. This involves separating, purifying, and reuniting the essential components of the plant. It takes about 28 to 40 days for a plant to go through the process, but the result is skin care that is full of the plant’s living energy.

How long has the farm been in operation?

Our farm has always been the heart and soul of Jurlique. Over twenty years ago, Jurlique founders Jurgen and Ulrike Klein started the farm, where they nurtured and grew our unique approach to beauty.

What do you grow on the farm?

We grow 50 different varieties of plants and flowers—including lavender, rose, marshmallow, elder, and calendula—that provide the essential skin-replenishing energy within our products. We also support the growth of new life through companion planting.

Is your farm organic?

Our farming methods are organic, sustainable, and biodynamic*. We never use pesticides or herbicide, but biodynamic farming goes one step further. We focus on the health of the soil by observing the cycles of the earth that affect seeding, propagating, growing, and harvesting. This is how we maximize the living energy present in plants as they grow.

*Certified Biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter USA® or Demeter International®.

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