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You may have noticed a slight change in the tabs at the top of our site.  If not you can just take a glance at the tabs across the page you will see that we have added a section for Healthy Choices.  I want to share a bit with you about what I will be sharing here and why I want to go in this direction with some of my contributions here at MommyPR.

As you know I have been focusing on health and weight loss, primarily through fitness and exercise.  The reason I started the workouts in the first place was because of how horrible I was feeling pretty much 100% of the time.  The workouts really helped me and I started feeling so much better however, I came to a certain point and didn’t seem to be able to progress any more.  In fact many of my concerns started to return, along with many other health related problems that I just knew were not right.

To make a long story short, I went in for test after test and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  But my symptoms continued to get worse.  Worse to the point that I even had a discussion with my husband and my Mom about what I wanted to happen with the girls, if something should happen to me – I felt that bad…

I saw my general doctor and specialists but it was actually a visit to the dermatologist that resulted in finally being able to put a name to what was wrong with me:  Systemic Candidiasis

Most likely you’ve not heard of this, I sure hadn’t.  I have spent many, many hours researching information, reading online forums and fumbling through medical articles in order to understand this infection myself.  It’s a complicated infection and not one doctors are really wanting to take on.

Here is what I have learned so far:  Systemic Candidiasis is an infection which is greatly missed by doctors and often goes undiagnosed until it is too late.  The reason it is so hard to diagnose is because symptoms can vary so much from person to person. Diagnose it in its early stages is so important, but almost impossible.

Systemic Candidiasis is commonly known as a yeast infection which affects the intestines. The symptoms that are associated with the infection so often seem completely unrelated.  Even my doctor dismissed my list and only took one or two symptoms to try to diagnose me.  Mainly they just kept telling me that I must be gaining weight without realizing it.  I KNEW this was absolutely not the problem.

Here are the symptoms that I had…  gastro intestinal system such as intestinal cramps, heartburn and bloating.  When I say bloating I mean that my abdomen would swell up throughout the day, sometimes increasing by 7 inches in just a matter of a couple of hours.  I knew there is no way that this was weight gain, only to have it disappear again overnight!  Other symptoms included chronic fatigue especially after eating, depression, difficulty concentration (fuzzy thinking), poor memory, muscle pains, joint pain, hives, memory problems, blurred vision (I thought this was age related), occasionally feeling light headed, irritability (I figured this was due to feeling so bad all the time), night sweats, inability to lose weight and headaches.  All of these symptoms (and many more that I didn’t have) can happen as part of the fungal type of candida as this fungus punctures the intestinal wall and allows toxins to leak through and enter into the bloodstream.

Once the toxins make their way into the bloodstream they start to poison the intestinal organs including the liver and the brain. Usually by the time someone has realized that their body is suffering from systemic candidiasis they generally do not feel well all over and once you have systemic candidiasis, it is a long road towards recovery and getting back to some sort of normal health.

For me it has been about two months that I have been fighting to get my health back.  It has been difficult and confusing to say the least, but I have learned a lot during this time and I want to share it with people that may also have this type of infection without knowing it.  I also want to share what I have learned and hopefully save others the stress and confusion of trying to figure out this infection on their own.

So my posts will include information on Systemic Candidiasis, Diagnosis, Treatments,  Healing Naturally with Herbs and Supplements, Learning to Cook (honestly you would think I would have had this down already, but we have always eaten out a lot and fixed only easy quick meals at home) – believe it or not I have actually discovered that I actually enjoy cooking  and discovering new and tasty recipes!  I will feature some recipes for Allergy Free, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Cooking and in a new series I will walk you though equipping your kitchen for healthy living!  I hope it will be both informative but also fun!

Watch for this header for some great kitchen product review and hopefully a few wonderful giveaways as well!

Please join me in my journey back to wellness.  If there is anyone else out there that has or is dealing with this, I would love to connect with you!


I was under no obligation to write this post, I am not a doctor nor am I trying to offer medical advice.  I wrote this post to share information that I have learned through research.

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  1. You know, my daughter and I went through this and ate a low carb diet-mostly alminds, veggies and meat and eggs, fish and took meds for it for 8 years.
    I went on and off the diet for years and then as I got older I got more problems-bad arthritis, joints getting deformed, and puffiness. So, what I found is this:I do not bother about the yeast thing anymore, but there are certain things I have to do:
    1.Vigorous exercise EVERY day-we walk 50 minutes up and down hill.
    2.low carb diet and feel better with salads every day with olive oil and vinegar lower salt
    3. natural progesterone cream-Serenity brand
    4. Iodine- Iodoral-I get it at Willner Chemists online order. Iodine really kills yeast well and helps my thyroid work better.
    5. Other vitamins. No flouride or chlorine in water or no toothpaste with Fl.
    6. My doctor used to have us on high B complex also.
    Really, by following this I feel so much better. I think yeast builds up or this diet just takes care of it. I believe it is crappy carb rich food which causes inflammation-and like I said I was treated for yeast for 8 years. But I to me I wonder if it is just another symptom of a total problem.
    As soon as I eat crappy I can see I swell up and get all the same symptoms-foggy, tired, can’t sleep well, gain weight, etc. When I eat well I lose quickly, feel so much better, have energy, no aches and pains, and boy do I look younger. It truly is amazing! I can see a difference in 1-2 days on how I look, alone.
    I just wanted to tell you this because of my journey. If I have helped you in any way I am glad. If you want to delete this it is fine also.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely check out the Iodine. I am changing my medication every three weeks since the yeast can morph into different strings and I was at a bit of a loss on what to try next. In my case I was on an antibiotic for 9 months a few years ago for the treatment of latent tuberculosis. My symptoms started then and have gotten worse over the past three years. If anyone has ever been on an antibiotic for more than 3 times in a year, they most likely will have an imbalance, add stress and a bad diet on top of that and they are definitely looking at trouble! I am glad to hear that you seem to have it pretty much under control. I wish you the best!

  2. I am an OCD Googler when it comes to illness and symptoms, so believe it or not, I have run across some sites talking about this problem before.

    While it is frustrating that your doctors aren’t able to come up with a good solution for you, at least you have a diagnosis.

    Best luck working toward wellness, and I hope things start to turn around very soon!

    • Thanks Crissy! I do feel better more and more. It seems to be a few steps forward and then several back. But I am learning what I can do and what I can’t do and what I can eat and the many, many things that I can’t! I’m like you – and whenever anyone in my family is sick they call me to see what it could be. I always google everything lol!

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