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I was recently offered the opportunity to review an awesome journal for kids called Journal Buddies.  The first thing I did was to check out the Journal Buddies website and noticed right away that their motto is “Journaling Fun for Everyone!”. I knew that this would probably be something for us since I love to write and really want to teach my children to appreciate the many benefits of journaling.

The website is filled with fun information and ideas about journal techniques for kids and also about building self-esteem and confidence in children and pre-teens.  The Journal Buddies are available in both boy and girl versions so you can encourage all of your children in the art of journaling.  I am sure after checking out the site you will agree with me that it is no surprise that they were awarded the Mom’s Choice Award!

About Journaling from Journal Buddies Creator Jill Schoenberg: It is my intention to inspire kids and adults to expand their concept of journaling.

Journal writing can be a secretive process used to process difficult or challenging emotions, BUT it can also be a shared experience full of positive, feel good words and experiences. Also, journaling can be much more dynamic than simply words written on a page. Journal keeping can and should be a creative and unique expression of an individual. I mean it is such a joy to see journals covered with bright marker strokes or stickers or poems or drawings or paint or collages or … the possibilities are truly endless when creativity is mixed with journaling!

Lastly, I hope that people will give themselves permission to record in their journals the many wonderful and sweet things in life that fill us with hope and strengthen and build our self-esteem and self-confidence. We are all magnificent and excellent is so many ways; we just forget to focus on our positives at times.

My Thoughts: One of the things I love about Journal Buddies is that it is great for such a range of ages.  It could be equally as wonderful for my 7 year old as it is for my 11 year old.  We settled on my 11 year old reviewing it with me, but she was not as excited as I was for this review.  At least until we actually read through all 89 of the creative journaling ideas that are in the book.  Once she realized that this was her journal and she could do whatever she wanted with it, including pictures, poems, stickers, songs etc… she was ecstatic and I could see the ideas forming in her already!  From just a few entries, I can already tell that it is stretching her, making her think and giving her a place to explore her own feelings and work through some of the confusion that comes with being a tween.  There are unlimited ideas and suggestions both in the book and on the website and no matter what your childs personality is, the author encourages them to express themselves in so many different ways.  I also love that the author uses positive prompt words and ideas so that your childs journal is not just filled with negative thoughts and words.  Journaling is not just to help you work through difficult experiences, but it is also to help you record the things you love and enjoy in your life as well.  We both love her Journal and I definitely recommend both the Journal Buddies and the website for your children!

Where to Buy: You will find Journal Buddies being sold at Amazon for $16.95 (or less).

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  1. Using a daily writing prompt is a great way to enhance your personal journal writing, and it is a great way as well to help kids elevate their journal keeping to a higher level.

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