JJ Suspenders Giveaway


I remember growing up how my grandpa always used to wear suspenders. Now whenever I see a male wearing suspenders it brings back great memories!

I was recently introduced to a great company called JJ Suspenders.

JJ Suspenders are designed in North America and each pair is handmade to provide the perfect look and fit. Taxes are included in all our prices, so what you see is what you pay.

It started in 2014 when founders Jackson and Josh were shopping for suspenders to wear at a friend’s wedding and after visiting dozens of shops all they could find were a handful of generic, outdated and overpriced suspenders. When looking for alternatives online, they quickly found that about 90% of the suspenders on the market were low quality and mass-produced by the same factory. The only suspenders that met Jackson and Josh’s quality standards were from a very old company in England. But with this came high shipping costs, outdated designs, and poor customer service.
It was clear there was an opportunity in this stale industry to make a much better product for men who wanted to add that extra bit of class to their outfits. Combining Jackson & Josh’s (JJ’s) prior entrepreneurial and manufacturing experience, JJ Suspenders was born with a series of designs that brought some much-needed innovation back into this stagnant industry.

We’re on a mission to innovate on the long forgotten things that just barely meet the status quo.

1 lucky MommyPR reader will win their very own pair of suspenders (winner’s choice)!


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  1. I would give these to myself since I am now in the Grandpa age group and definitely need to keep my pants up!

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