Jambu Kids Review #Vegan

Press Sample

My girls love shoes just as much as I love purses and starbucks. The amount of shoes they have is absolutely ridiculous.  We spent the weekend going through them and offering them up to friends, family and then taking the rest to the shelter. I have to admit, my youngest has the largest heart when it comes to giving vs receiving.

When I was offered a pair of JambuKD, I knew Ariel would be the one to review them the moment I seen the boots section. She is the type to wear boots in the sand. Completely opposite her mama who could be barefoot her whole life.

Vegan Boots

I opted for Lillia in brown. One reason i choose to accept the review, besides the fact that she likes boots, is because Jambu offers Vegan varieties. Lillia sadly is not on the list because it’s genuine leather. But they have a huge assortment from sandals, shoes and boots for all members of the family. As a fellow Vegan, I am always thrilled to find that in a company. And even though not all their products are, I am still happy to see it making it’s way mainstream.

Back to Lillia, these boots are perfect for kids out back in the yard or down on the farm. They are water resistant & have a rubber sole for traction. Like I mentioned above, the outer boot is all leather material. We really liked the colors of brown mixed with hints of pink and green. And the sole is all pink, pretty much Ariel’s favorite thing. Since she can be brutally honest, in her words she said, “these are so comfortable”.

For me, the price could be stunning at $65. However 6pm sells the brand and usually that site is much cheaper. I always say, look around for the best price or sign up for savings via the main site. I believe this brand has excellent quality, and love the idea of introducing Vegan shoes to kids.

Ps- if anyone wants to buy me the Arctic Vegan Boots, I will bake you cookies!!

Press Sample

I received a pair of shoes in exchange for my honest review.