JAKKS Pacific Easter

I received products to facilitate my review

My kids are going to be so excited when Easter finally arrives!  We received an Easter basket full of products perfect for any Easter basket thanks to JAKKS Pacific!

Chicks with Wigs

These collectible figures are a stylish and comical line that is sure to make kids laugh. Packaged in blind boxes, with dozens to collect, Chicks with Wigs figure feature a variety of chicks with different hair styles, colors, eyes, and glasses! Currently, only available at Walmart, Chicks with Wigs have over 24 different Chicks to collect and retail for only $3.99 – Perfect for your Easter needs! 

Jiggly Doos

This spring we’re getting Jiggly with it – JigglyDoos that is! JigglyDoos are cute little animal friends that live in a whimsical world where everything wiggles! So bring out your dance moves and see if you can keep up – they sure do love to jiggle, wiggle and roll! JigglyDoos are soft, squishy, and jiggly and they come in so many adorable colors and shapes! Series No.1 introduces over 30 lovable characters like unicorns, bunnies, narwhals, bears and more! We can’t wait to see who you choose as your JigglyDoos dance partner! 



Shopkins Squish-Dee-Lish

Wacky Squish-Dee-Lish

World of Nintendo Squish-Dee-Lish

Disney’s Tsum Tsum Squish-Dee-Lish




All properties feature fun and exciting new characters in different squishable shapes and sizes! These are perfect for mom, dad, kids, grandparents and even the Easter Bunny! 

Disney Tsum Tsum Color Pop Mystery Pack

Master-A Million Ball

  • How long will it take you to Master A Million?
  • Whether you’re playing catch or bouncing on your own, your Master A Million ball will keep track of how many times it is bounced to see how long it takes you to get 1, 000, 000 bounces!
  • Your ball will give you encouraging messages when you hit key milestones
  • Compete with siblings, friends, and players around the world as your score will be available to track online
  • Take your ball with you wherever you go so you’re always ready to up your score!


Disney Elena of Avalor Baby Estrella Nurturing Set

In Disney’s Elena of Avalor, the Jaquins are the magical flying creatures and guardians of Avalor and help Elena learn how to rule her kingdom. Inspired by the series, help Baby Jaquin Estrella “hatch” from her egg! “Hatch” Baby Jaquin Estrella by pushing the button on the front of the stand and watch as her egg pops open to reveal your own Baby Jaquin to care for. Remove Baby Jaquin Estrella from the egg to feed and care for her. Press Baby Jaquin Estrella nose to hear her adorable phrases and sounds. And when it’s time for bed, put Baby Jaquin Estrella back in her egg and close it to hear snoring sounds.


My take:  Every single one of these items are going to be a hit this Easter with the kids.  My kids adore all of the mystery grab bags, add in Squish-Dee-Lish, Wacky, Shopkins, Mario  and Disney Tsum Tsum and it’s a perfect fit!  My middle son always has a ball in his hand so Master-A Million will keep him occupied for hours.  Chicks with Wigs brought a huge smile to my face because of the wacky wigs so I’m sure it will delight my kids.  Jiggly Doos are a perfect addition to any Easter basket along with Disney Tsum Tsum and their size is just right to tuck into the basket.   The Baby Estrella Nurturing Set from Elena of Avalor is perfect for my baby loving 5 year old!