Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Review & Giveaway (90 Day H&F Challenge)



I was given the opportunity to review Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express as part of our 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge.

Untitled-TrueColor-01My kids and I were pretty excited when we received the juicer and opened it right away.  The girls immediately wanted to make fresh orange juice, which we did!  The juice was so wonderful, there is just nothing better than perfectly fresh juice!

I have used other juicers before but none that came close to extracting asIMG_2122 much juice as this one does.  I was surprised at the dryness of the small amount of pulp that was leftover after we were done juicing!  This photo is the leftovers from fresh orange juice and you can tell there there is no juice left over in the container!

According to the information I received with the juicer you can save the pulp in a container and store it in the freezer to use later in your cooking.  The vegetable pulp can be used in meatloaf, quiche, casseroles, lasagna, soups and stews – I would have never thought of doing this!  The fruit pulp can be used in smoothies, muffins, breads, pies and cobblers!  In our new more frugal lifestyle – I love that you can make use of the entire fruit or veggie!

Since I am making an effort to not only improve my own health but also encourage healthier eating in my children, I decided to try and experiment.  I took a recipe from the book that came with the juicer called the Sunset which includes 2 carrots, 1 orange peeled, 1 pear and 1 red potato.

IMG_2056The girls were not paying any attention to what I was doing and both love smoothies.  I made the fresh juice using the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express and then added fat free vanilla ice cream, skim milk and low fat yogurt to the juice, used a hand blender and then asked the girls if they wanted a smoothie.  They both jumped up in excitement.  Now I did not tell them their smoothie had carrots and potato in it and they thought they were having an orange cream smoothie!  I couldn’t believe it when they drank it right up and never even noticed they were getting two servings of veggies and two fruits along with their smoothie!

I am so excited about this because I have the hardest time getting my youngest to eat veggies and I can hardly get my oldest to eat anything at all for breakfast (she takes after her Mom).  Now I can throw some fresh fruits or veggies in the juicer, add ice and a little protein powder to the fresh juice, blend it up for my oldest and she is off to school with a very healthy breakfast!  (You can not make the smoothies in the juicer, you just make the fresh juice and then we have a little hand blender that I am using to finish off the smoothie.)

If you have an interest in healthy eating then you surly know that fruits and

Hanna drinking fresh carrot juice!
Hanna drinking fresh carrot juice!

vegetables provide the most nutrients in their rawest forms.  Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are the best of all for us, since they don’t contain the pesticides and other chemicals used in the growing and processing of our foods.  If you are like me and have trouble eating first thing in the morning, juicing is an excellent way to start your day off with a burst of nutrients and great taste!

As far as juicers go, I was very impressed with this one.  There was literally no juice left in the pulp, which also helped to make clean up a little easier.  If you have juiced before then you know that the juicers can be hard to clean.  This one has minimal parts that are really easy to rinse off.  You have to clean off the blade and that takes a bit of effort, but there is just no way around that no matter which juicer you use.  Overall clean up was pretty simple and quick.  This juicer has a no drip spout, which is a feature that I really appreciated (I did not end up with a sticky counter).  The juicer itself is quieter than the other ones I have experienced and it’s dishwasher safe!

Buy It: Would you like to try it?  You can purchase one of Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicers directly from their site at www.powerjuicer.com.

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Here is what is included with the Power Juicer Express:


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  1. This juicer would benefit me because I don’t get the daily fruit and veggie requirements. This would encourage me to get the daily recommended amounts

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