It’s Not My Father’s Chevy


Doing some googling I wanted to know what the first crossover was from Chevy. I expected to see something from the 90s, and instead found the Equinox was actually the first of its kind for the brand. Interesting. So if my dad wanted something large to haul the family in back in the day, he would have more than likely made the choice of an Impala it seems.

Being the nerd I am, I find history and the way things evolve interesting. I don’t get into the technicalities of it but just to see photos and side by side stories of then and now, makes me smile. Imagine what my dad was doing on Fathers Day in his Chevy. He obviously didn’t use OnStar to find Parkland Putt Putt or the nearest Arbys for lunch.

I doubt his car had a rear view camera, power seats, power windows, or even something called XM radio. Heck, I can’t even talk about the XM since even I don’t use it. But think of another 20 years from now when my own daughters are taking their dad out for the day in their Chevy. What will it look like by then? Hopefully its earth friendly, electric and fly’s in the air. Hey, I can dream.

Why you are reminiscing on what your dad drove to Woodstock, enjoy a segment of our putt putt adventures for Father’s Day.

Putt Putt In Our Chevy from NW Chevy Girls on Vimeo.

OnStar took us to play Putt Putt for Fathers Day

OnStar took us to play Putt Putt for Fathers Day

(Btw, we played 2 rounds of putt putt. The second is the one you are seeing which we let just the girls play and went from hole 4 to 12 , then 18. Fast round!)

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