Is It Your Kids or Your Husband That Doesn’t Eat Healthy?

I have not had too much trouble with my girls thankfully. Ariel is in love with broccoli, and Jasy will eat pretty much anything green. I, myself, even love Brussels sprouts. Its really my husband who is the kid of the family and tries to get out of eating anything healthy.

To help, I sneak in different things. For pasta, I try to use fiber filled noodles, or chunky sauce. He usually notices the sauce, but every now and then I can get away with it. The girl like it either way. Or If I make stuffed peppers, I mix up some veggies in the hamburger, that way if they try to skip the pepper, they have no idea whats hidden inside!

It also helps that I stock the fridge with mini water bottles for the girls, and Poweraid for my husband. We are big on yogurts and fruit, so its pretty unlimited if they want it.

Now, if only they made veggi hotdogs that I could switch on my husband!

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