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WAT-AAH is sponsoring the New York International Children’s Film Festival this year and they would like to give one of our luck readers 2 tickets to one of the film screenings!  If you live in the area you will want to enter this one!  This is a short contest so please help get the word out!


Many of you  will remember the review we did here at MommyPR for WAT-AAH!, but for those of you that missed it I am going to re-run it here:

To see the original post go here.


Many of you have followed our 90 Day Fitness Challenge and know how often I talked about the importance of making sure we get enough water in our daily diet.  But it’s just as important for our children too!  WAT-AAH is the first premium water brand geared towards kids and teens.

WAT-AAH’s mission is to “reverse the dependency on sugary drinks among America’s children and to make the WAT-AAH! Boy the symbol of healthy hydration and to fight against the greatest threat of our children’s lives – obesity“.

Now that is a grand mission for sure!  WAT-AAH! worked hard to fulfill this mission in part by challenging kids all across the country to a “Take The Challenge Campaign”!  The results:  WAT-AAH! brand convinced 9 our of 10 kids (over 1,600 of them!) to choose water over the sugary sodas and juices.  The results have been posted with video clips and photographs on the WAT-AAH! Challenge Blog.

We took the challenge too!  When I received the four bottles for review, I placed them in the refrigerator.  As soon as the kids saw them they pulled them all out immediately!  The four bottles went before any other drink that we had available!  I have one daughter that regularly drinks water and one that does not drink it much, unless she is snagging my Herbal Water.  She never chooses to drink water if there is something else available.  They liked it so much that they actually chastised me for drinking some of “their” water – but I told them I have to actually taste what I am reviewing so that I can write my own feelings about it.  They did not seem very convinced!

Our other Mom’s also took the challenge with their kids! Here is what they had to say:

Angela: My first box was slightly “loved” by UPS to say the least. HA.. so what was left inside the bottles, I put in the fridge to get cold. I was still at my old house and Lucas (our Tween reviewer) came over. I said hey you should try a bottle of this water we got in. To only go and find.. My daughter finished off what was left in each bottle.! Mind you this is a surprise because if you hand her a glass of water she acts as if its poison. I was surprised to say the least. There was not much in bottle because of the shipment mishap.. but I was still shocked. So the second box arrived a few days ago (in one piece yay!). I warned her.. can I PLEASE have just ONE bottle?! (how sad is it I have to beg for one taste? LOL) So I’m not sure if its the labels that got her (which I’m ALL for lol) or the taste, either way, my 6 year old liked them and I’m thrilled for that. They are a good size bottle for sure. Now I was able to get a swig in this time and my taste buds could DEFINITELY taste the clean in there. It just had this Pure taste. Hard to explain. But if you took a drink of Wat-aah and then a drink of another water beside it.. you would see what I mean. Whats funny is I’m such a nerd.. I drank the Blue- Brain.

It’s Nerd Approved.

Wahooo for Wat-Aah!

Andrea: I put my four bottles of WAT-AAH in the fridge and within an hour the older boy spied them.  Both boys loved the brightly colored bottles and the “funny faces”.  All four bottles were quickly gone but the older one did not like the “taste left in my mouth” from the Bones (Magnesium).  I then tried it and did notice a slight aftertaste but the 21 month old had no problem drinking the rest of it!  The website is adorable.

Amy: When I first received the WAT-AAH water I thought I would put it in the fridge to get them cold.  My children decided they did not want to wait for them to get cold.  I have 3 children and was sent 4 bottles.  My 3 children had theirs drank in a very short time.  After I saw how much they liked them, I went in to try the last one out myself thinking they must be really good if the children were drinking them that much, being at room temperature, because they usually prefer their water ice cold.  I must say that after only 2 little drinks my children were wanting mine so they all split the bottle up between them. I did manage to get a taste and I really liked it.  As for my kids, they enjoyed the WAT-AAH water so well that they were all gone in no time!

Tina: I have a big caffeine problem with good-ole southern sweet tea!! The problem is that I see my boys following in my footsteps. I took the WAT-AAH! Challenge so I could rid myself of all the nasty toxins that come with caffeinated drinks and show my boys water is a great alternative (THE BEST ALTERNATIVE). I was sent 4 bottles, 1 of each flavor; THINK SMARTAAH! – Brain, GROW STRONGAAH! – Bones, FEEL SUPAAH! – Body and RUN FASTAAH! – Energy.

I really liked the taste of them and they helped to keep me hydrated throughout the day. I recently discovered that WAT-AAH! Is located in all Whole Foods Stores, so I will be bugging Angie to make the 30 mile drive with me to replenish my stock!! ~ Tina ~

My thoughts: I thought the water tasted wonderful – clean and refreshing.  I absolutely believe that if I have these bottles available in the refrigerator both of my children would regularly choose them to drink over other sugary drinks we might have.  My oldest thought the bottle was so cool that she asked if she could take it to school the next day.  When WAT-AAH! becomes available in my area I will definitely pick this up for them and will feel good about them choosing healthy WAT-AAH! over Hi-C or Gatorade (their usual drinks of choice)!

Want to know what else is cool – besides the bottle?  According to my daughter it’s the WAT-AAH! tattoo!

2010 01 13_0459b

WAT-AAH! comes in four different “flavors”:

Picture 401Brain (blue):  ultra purified water with electrolytes

Bones (orange):  ultra purified water with bone building magnesium

Body (pink):  pure spring water

Energy (green):  ultra purified water with energizing oxygen

A browse through their website shows that WAT-AAH! is very committed to fighting childhood obesity.  Their aim is to make drinking water as cool as drinking soda.  So far they have done a great job by creating unique and appealing packaging and creative marketing geared towards our very own cool kids.  The also are very supportive and active in conferences, health fairs and their community helping in the fight against obesity and supporting awareness programs that promote physical activity, healthy hydration, and nutrition.  Definitely a company and vision that I feel good about promoting and supporting!

Where to buy: WAT-AAH! can be purchased online from  You can also check their store finder by clicking here to find a retail location near you.

Now for the new contest!!!!

Win It: Thanks to WAT-AAH! one MommyPR reader will win a pair of tickets to selected screenings throughout the festival Feb 27th – March 21st (exact showings/time TBD).  Winners will be announced by Feb 26th (opening night). WAT-AAH! will be in contact with winner to ensure delivery of tickets.


Win it!!

Mandatory Entry (you must do one of the following or all five for five entries, but leave separate comments):

Become a fan of WAT-AAH’s facebook page.

Follow WAT-AAH on Twitter.

Follow the Drink WAT-AAH Blog.

Visit WAT-AAH’s newest site and enter the Blame it on the SUG-AAH! contest.  Comment here to let me know you entered.

Enter The WAT”S The Word Contest here.

See Newly Revised Contest Rules for even more Entries!

Open to New York area residents or readers that will be in the area and can attend the film festival.

Contest ends 5:00 pm Central Time on 2/25

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