I was able to review this awesome photo book from Inkubook..well i dont have the book itself yet, but just to do it online was realllly awesome.
I have to say it was sooo hard to choose my pictures lol. You will def want a few of them. Plus after choosing a mere 139 photos..i thought wow i could never afford this, 64 pages, no way will this be cheap. I thought maybe Donald Trump would be billed soon after..but guess what…with shipping it was 45$ YES!! AFFORDABLE!
Perfect time for Fathers Day as well. I made mine for my wonderful hubby. Hes leaving for Iraq soon and i cant wait to sneak this in his bag. On the front and back you put Text, so on the front it says “So You Never Forget..We Love You Adama”
Then on the back it says.. “Made By Angela,Jasmyne, & Ariel Roy. Given To Sgt Adama Roy On His 2nd Tour Of Duty To Iraq 2009-2010. We Will Miss You Daddy”
Truly this is a special token of love. Anyone dad or mom, would be happy to receive such a great idea.