Hugabugg Hugabowl Review

This is a sponsored article.

With all three of my kids I’ve had the same problem with them throwing full bowls of food on the floor. Now that my third is old enough to start feeding herself I’ve been struggling to keep the food IN the bowl and not all over the floor.

When I was approached to review the Hugabugg hugabowl I was willing to try anything!

First a few things about the hugabowl;

Each set includes 3 bowls with 3 snap tight lids (perfect for storing leftovers or premade meals/snacks) and 1 vacuum cup (THIS is where the magic happens)

They are BPA, lead, phthalate, and PVC free

The bowls are interchangeable (so you can use all 3 size bowls with the vacuum cup)

The bowls nest for easy storage

The stay put design helps toddlers become more proficient with using utensils (the bowl stays put so your little one doesn’t have to chase after it)

The bowls and lids are microwave and top rack dishwasher safe (SCORE!)

The vacuum cup can be hand washed (and please don’t microwave it)

With all that said, onto the review! The hugabowl system was super easy to set up. I gave the bowls a quick wash straight out of the package and was ready to go. The suction cup system is really easy to use. I gently pushed the vacuum bowl down onto my daughter’s high chair and gave the little pump button a couple pushes. Next, I secured the bowl and it was ready to go.

My daughter gave it her best shot but was unsuccessful in getting the bowl the dislodge and land on the floor! I was able to enjoy my meal without having to constantly pick up her bowl from the floor (apparently a hilarious game to play with mommy). I am a believer in the Hugabubb hugabowl!!! I love that this product is teaching her to use her spoon without the worry of the bowl sliding around.

I honestly also used the hugabowl to put all 3 of my kid’s snacks in. I suctioned it to the floor and they were forced to share (someone ALWAYS manages to run off with a snack bowl).

I would highly suggest this product to anyone with a little one who is either a thrower or simply learning to use utensils.

You can purchase the hugabowl from for $24.99, this includes the 3 different sized bowls, 3 matching lids, and the vacuum cup. I think this is a great price for this product. 

Hugabugg also has forks, spoons, and adhesive placemats to make cleanup even easier.

I received product and payment in exchange for my honest review of the Hugabugg hugabowl system.