How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Budget

Imagine this, your kids come to you and say that they want to go to a certain place. It could be a place their favorite cartoon character is from, or it was advertised in a cool commercial, or it could be somewhere their friend’s family recently went on vacation to.

You look at their happy, hopeful faces and you tell them: “we’ll see.” You start thinking about how much that trip is going to cost you and you start hoping that your kids will eventually forget about it.

But, what if we told you that you could go on that family trip without the need to spend a lot of money? Alpha Car Hire has put together a short guide to help you plan an inexpensive and fun family trip:

Set a Destination, Plan, and Save For It

If a trip to the place your kids want to go to is plausible, then make it a family vacation destination. If not, talk to your kids that it’s just not within your means at the moment, and allow them to come up with an alternative. You can also suggest other places that are similar to the one they want.

Once the ball is rolling, help it gain momentum by getting everyone to help you plan the trip. From figuring out what to see and do, all the way to where you will stay.

If you have friends in the area, call them up and ask if they can accommodate you and your family for a few nights. It’s an excellent opportunity to save up on accommodations as well as get in touch with your friends during the trip.

Finally, make it a point to save up. Take a large, empty jar, label it Vacation Fund and place it somewhere everyone will see. Encourage everyone to drop a few dollars whenever they can and remember to do it regularly. Eventually, you will have enough money for your trip. You can then use this money in a variety of ways such as; petrol, toll fee, and food.

Choose to Go in the Off-Season

The peak season is the time of the year where a destination is most visited. For example, the beach is crowded during summer, making it less enjoyable for some.

The same can be said for other destinations. So, it is essential to find out when the peak season is and plan your visit sometime before or after that. This way, you can avoid the crowds and still enjoy lower prices on hotel accommodations.

For younger kids, the lower crowd volume is also ideal as there will be less risk of them getting lost.

Pack Your Meals Whenever You Can

A lot of times, it’s a lot easier to skip meal preparation and make do with food stalls. What you don’t know is that you will be spending a lot more on food by doing this.

If you want to save money on road trip snacks and lunch, use some of the money you saved up to make some delicious sandwiches for the trip. You can also choose to pack other snacks like dry cereal, biscuits, and fruits.

Don’t forget to pack enough water for the trip, especially if you’re taking a long drive during summer.

Memories Are Your Present

Once you arrive at your destination and get settled in, one of the first things you and your kids will want to do is check out the gift shop. Gift shops are fantastic as they often have these cool trinkets that will always remind you of your trip but the items are a bit pricey.

What you can do is choose one item that you want to have from the gift shop or you can opt to take a lot of pictures instead.

Don’t be afraid to take wacky photos with your kids; these will look great on a photo album and in picture frames around your house when you get home. They also make far better souvenirs than a keychain.

Now, you don’t have to say no to your kids when they ask you to go somewhere fun and exciting. Careful planning, saving, and prioritising is the key to a successful family vacation on a tight budget.