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I have tried several different shapwear pieces. Usually its the ones the slide under your clothes and it’s the stretchy material. But it always would ride up or roll down. Basically it never helped. Waste of money. I am sure you have all tried that too.

When Hourglass Angel approached me, I asked what piece(s) would help lift my chest, straighten my back (I have horrible posture, always have) and flatten my tummy. She suggested a vest. It looked perfect in the photo. I could see exactly how this would help me. I choose a Large based on the sizing information and waited for it to arrive. I really figured I would wear this thing every day. More than making me slim, I was honestly hoping it would straighten my back. My mom always said when you stood straight you looked slimmer. Here was to hoping!

  • Visible reduction of the waistline by 1-3 inches
  • Users report 1-4 inches sustained loss after 30 days
  • Firmed midsection
  • Lifted bust
  • Reduced back pain
  • Boosts thermal activity

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When my vest arrived I could tell it was tight material. I could not even pull it with both arms. (75% rubber covering, 25% cotton lining). As I put it around my back to snap it….It only reached my sides. I could not even pull it around if I tried with a truck lol. So on the downside, I will say that in my honest experience, the sizing is off a tad. I would have probably needed a XXL and the largest size in this vest they had was a XL. XL said 14-16 but I am a 13 so I went for the Large (12-14). Not even close on this one. But I will say that with the material it was made out of (and it was thick!), I could surely see how this product would work. It felt strong, it felt durable and it felt like quality. The clasps were a concern of mine, but there is material behind them to prevent any rubbing on your skin. It also did fit from hips to shoulder as shown.

Even though I could not get my vest on, I would still suggest Hourglass Angel. Just make sure to go a little higher on sizing for the vests (or other products of this same material). I do think a vest would have helped my posture!

Side note- I passed it on to a much smaller friend of mine and she actually said the same on the quality. She liked the way it fit, it was sturdy but not overpowering. It did not ride up on her either (I did hear if something bunches up or rides up (as I mentioned at the beginning) that it really means you don’t have the correct size?) Worth the price! (which I don’t feel is bad at all).



I received product to help facilitate my review.

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