HOOT for Kids

My daughter received a HOOT for kids box to help facilitate my review.

As a physical therapist, I always love when I have the opportunity to review products that help foster a child’s physical development.  We recently had the opportunity to review a HOOT for Kids personalized box!

Born out of the belief that toys foster growth and developed by a team of pediatric occupational therapists, HOOT for Kids (which stands for Hands on Occupational Therapy) curates a customized treasure box filled with toys hand-picked based on your child’s age and developmental learning needs.


  • 3 or more toys in every Treasure Box.
  • Personalized activity card developed by our Occupational Therapist to promote purpose driven play.
  • Customized based upon your child’s age and developmental stage.
  • No commitments. Purchase only what you want.





My take:  The ordering process was very easy BUT remember to fill out the child questionnaire at the very end.  This questionnaire is what leads to the best toys/activities suited to your child.  

My 4 year old was SO excited to receive her box. Inside we found:

Ice Cream Erasers:

Ice Cream Truck Puzzle:

Maggie’s Closet:


Every single one of these items are perfect for my daughter who struggles with fine motor coordination and gauging perceptual distances (buttoning clothes, fastening snaps etc).  Along with the toys, a 2-sided sheet was included that was personalized to her needs.  One page was a description to each item and different ways each could be used while the other side is an activity guide focused on helping her strengthening her skills.

Overall, I love HOOT for Kids, I believe their questionnaire hit all the physical skills a child needs to master before going into kindergarten and gave creative ways to help strengthen each skill along with fun interactive toys that any child would love.