Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler

Finally, the snow is subsiding here in North Carolina. I was scared, for a moment summer, or even spring, may not show its face here for a while. However, here we are, in the beginning, stages of April and having a full week of near 80-degree weather. Perfect timing to set up the pool and break out the air conditioners

We were sent a Honeywell Evaporative Cooler to test out. I was secretly hoping for the smaller 25-liter indoor versions. Our upstairs seems to control all of hades in the summer. When I found out they were sending the massive 60 liters indoor/outdoor commercial version, I started wondering where it would fit. Would we need to move out our least favorite child so that the rest of us could have more cooling air? (I mean, some days, that could be an option!) 

When the box arrived, there was no hiding what it was. It is a pretty good 3′ by 2′ machine. My husband chuckled and asked where it was going. We did test it out inside, and it put off some crazy cold air with its honeycomb cooling media on three sides (for faster cooling performance.) Then it hit us; we are currently building a base for our pool and then a patio around it. The CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler would be perfect on the deck! Not only is it made for indoor/outdoor use but it is also Weather-resistant. Also, it has a continuous water supply connection for uninterrupted operation and a 16-inch fan blade for a powerful air throw. 

The CO60PM can cool up to 850 square feet indoors and sends cool air up to 12 yards outdoors. It is natural, energy efficient cooling with no compressor. It is easy to set up, despite its size,  just unpack, add water (or ice), plug it in and it is ready. (Side note, if you are not using the continuous water connection, you can use the top-loading water inlet and ice compartment to fill as needed.) This air cooler has a power consumption of 220 watts and powerful air flow of 1540 CFM (43 CMM).

Overall, after the initial shock of size, which was slightly funny, we realized how great this air cooler would be for our family. It will work to keep us fresh on those hot summer days outside in the pool and the humidity evenings, inside. We like the ease of transportation it has, with durable casters. My husband chimed in and said it is excellent in his garage while grilling and trying to stay cool. So, you could say the Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler is both mom & dad approved!


Honeywell provided me with a test unit for review purposes.