Homemade Chicken Noodle Alfredo Pasta


I decided to create some homemade chicken alfredo on Monday. When I posted my photo to Instagram, I certainly did not expect so many people to want the recipe. But I am flattered to post it here today.

Remember, I am no cook, I barely keep my kids and husband alive with my “splendid cooking” (my words) and I don’t measure anything unless its healthy. In which case I only need a pinch right?!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Alfredo Pasta

This recipe ended up being larger than we needed for a family of 4, so lets say a family of 6-8 could eat this much.

  • I took 1 whole chicken cut into parts and placed it in a pot of salted water.
  • I let it set on medium to low heat for 5 hours. Seems like a lot but I waited until the chicken just fell off the bone in the water.
  • Then I pulled all the chicken out into a separate strainer.
  • Do Not Dump Out The Water!
  • Set the chicken aside and remove the bones &  skin (if you prefer) while your noodles (I used 1 box Rigatoni noodles) boil in the same water you had the chicken.
  • Once cooked, drain the noodles.
  • Grab a nice large casserole pan (I prefer my Pampered Chef Stoneware)
  • Feel free to spray the pan (I use Olive Oil)
  • Place a layer of noodles down 1st.
  • Then a good helping of Shredded Provolone and Mozzarella cheese (1/2 a pound)
  • Next some of your shredded chicken
  • Sprinkle some garlic and basil seasoning (or whatever seasoning you would like) on the chicken
  • Top that with the last layer of noodles
  • Finish off with the shredded cheese (1/2 a pound)
  • Lastly the Alfredo. I used Classico brand, and only 1 jar but feel free to add 2 jars and whatever your brand is you like.
  • Place the casserole in the oven for 25 mins on 350 degrees covered in foil.

Wa- la ! I paired it with homemade garlic cheese bread (I messed up on that one and did not add as much garlic as I should have).

So that makes a whole heck of alot of pasta. We gave 2 round Ziplock containers away to the neighbors and still had another serving left. Eat your heart outs!

(I have no idea the calorie count, fat, salt, etc. This is merely my personal recipe)

You can see my post on Instagram here: Homemade Chicken Noodle Alfredo Pasta

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  1. That looks super yummy, but oh so bad for you! Back in the day we would have made that and chowed down, but now we watch everything we eat, and I am not talking about watching it go from the fork to our mouths either! LOL

  2. At first the picture deceived me, but after we made the chicken alfredo, everyone loved it! This has become a once a month meal for my family!

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