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I told you last week about Zuli Smart plugs, when I posted about them on my Top 5 Gifts For The Home. 

The Zuli Smartplug is similar to the Nest Thermostat. It will know when you’re there and instantly adapt to your personal lighting and temperature preferences, then everything turns off when you walk away. It even works with the Nest app & product! The Zuli app senses when you enter or exit a room and notifies the Smartplugs to perform your desired actions. It is designed to learn over time and continuously train itself to enhance your experience. The system becomes more predictive the longer you use the app too. 

The product was thoughtfully designed with a clear front panel to seamlessly blend in with your home, and precisely engineered to be compact, giving you full access to your second outlet.

Here is a short video of how to use the app. Tap on, tap off, and stay comfortable sitting on the couch, reading in bed — wherever you are in the house — while controlling your lights and appliances from the Zuli app. No need to get up; lift only a finger to brighten the room or shut down for the night.


See the energy consumption for all your appliances at a glance, and get the insight you need to start making smarter choices about efficient use and conservation.

I love these plugs! It’s so much easier laying in bed and you start wondering if you remembered to turn off the outside Christmas lights (by the way, they are plugged inside the garage, not outdoors). Then just turn on the app and see you can control it from your phone. 

The only negative or maybe room for improvement I will add, is that I wish the outlets had a plug on each side instead of just 1. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything easier to install and start using right away. I especially like that you can name them all, so its quicker to put a name to a plug or device. 

This is one of my favorite home devices and I firmly believe every home needs this!

Zuli Smartplugs


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  1. I would love to win this for our home. My husband and I have a combined resolution for the new year to work on reducing our gas/electric costs. This would help us make sure things are turned off and help us make better choices.

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