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I have had pets all of my life.  When my husband and I started having a family it was very important to me that we continue to have pets because I believe a child learns so much from a pet…love, empathy, responsibility and a partner in crime to play with.  Over the years a few of our pets have needed unexpected medical care and having the opportunity to utilize pet insurance would have greatly relieved my stress.

Most recently, one of my parent’s beloved golden retrievers (who was only a little over a year at the time), started limping on one of his back legs.  After a visit to the vet, its was revealed that he had  Osteochondritis dissecans.  He ended up having to go to a university hospital for animals and had surgery performed.  If my parents would have known about pet insurance I’m quite certain so many of their worries would have been alleviated.



Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® is the #1 customer-rated pet insurance, and is there when you and your pet need them the most.  Healthy Paws® pays up to 90% of vet bills* while helping you focus on giving your pet the best care without worrying about the cost.  Many human health-care techniques are becoming available for pet family members; however, these medical advances are expensive.  You can avoid unexpected vet bills and protect your family’s budget with pet insurance.


Pet insurance also does not cover pre-existing conditions, so it is important to sign your pup up early. Signing up early not only helps care for your pup with future illnesses and accidents, but lowers the cost for you too.  Every day, more pet parents are educating themselves on the importance of pet insurance- how it works, what it covers, and when they would need it.  Though only 1% of pet parents have health insurance for their pets, it is the fastest growing voluntary employee benefit

Please visit Healthy Paws Pet Insurance®  to receive your free quote today.  With every free quote, Healthy Paws contributes money to the medical care of homeless pets.




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  1. My baby is Lucy she is a 3 year old chihuahua that we rescued from someone who was using her just for puppies for money. We she’s fixed and spoiled rotten I love her so much!

  2. Right now my favorite is a coal black kitten that we found under the hood of my son-in-law’s care–about 8 wks old and she is starting to be a little less skittish around the family and other pets. We named her Shadow, partly because of her color and partly because of the fact that sometimes she is hard to see!

  3. My favorite animal is Monroe “RoeRoe”. He was a sweet little Shih Tzu that was my sidekick. I miss him and still love him soooo much.

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