Headphones for Kids: PuroQuiet Headphones Giveaway


Whenever we go on long car trips, my kids immediately don the headphones. I consistently worry about their hearing, especially the 6 year old. I was recently introduced to Puro Sound Labs.

Puro Sound Labs has been top-rated by experts for their dedication to preserving healthy hearing. For starters, their headphones use advanced DSP to limit the volume to 85dB. They also offer the Puro Balanced Response Curve (modeled after Audio Engineering Society research into sound quality preferences and accuracy) to ensure that sound quality is superb, which helps eliminate the need for greater volume. The aluminum housing and plush ear cups reduce external noises by 82% at 1kHz to further prevent the need for louder music signals. Puro’s recently introduced PuroQuiet headphonesadd 26dB of active noise cancellation (ANC), which greatly suppresses outside noise, providing for a premium experience.

At Puro Sound Labs, we develop headphones & earmuffs designed to make children and their parents happy! 

Built tough and packed with parent-friendly features, Puro Sound Labs product are the smart choice when it comes to your child’s healthy listening. 

1 lucky MommyPR reader will win their own set of PuroQuiet Headphones!

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet Highlights 

* Active Noise Cancellation 
* 85 dB volume limiting
* Two integrated microphones for ANC and communication
* 82% noise isolation at 1kHz
* Up to 16 hours battery life with ANC, 22 hours without
* Bluetooth 4.0
* Premium audio wireless listening 
* Full compatibility with PC, Android and iPhone devices

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