Have A Blast with Bestway H2OGO! {Giveaway}


This is a sponsored giveaway.

School is out and summer is here! It’s been in the high 90s here in NC with alot of humidity. Those simple sprinklers are just not doing the job for the kids. Thankfully Bestway sent a few of their H2OGO! products for the gang to try out. 

Looking over the Bestway H2OGO! products, I found a bundle of things I knew my girls and their friends would love to play on. 1st up was the H2OGO! Double Lane Water Slide.  It has a cushioned landing pad with shallow pool lagoon, an inflatable take off slide and extra long dual sections (18 feet!). This makes it fun for 2 friends to race. A sprinkler runs down the side and around the lagoon pool for non stop fun.

Then for our little neighbor friends, the H2OGO! Splash Blobz! It is HUGE! 12 foot by 12 foot!! It does take some time to fill up so I advise using a single hose, not one connected to a dual hose adapter. Make sure it is also on a very flat grassy surface. I messed up the 1st time and it was on a slope so the spray section would not work. 

 Then simply connect the blob to a garden hose and water will spray across the top. The girls, neighbors and even the duck loved sliding and bouncing all over the Splash Blobz! 

Just like the Dual Water Slide,  H2OGO! Slide-n-Splash Bowling puts the focus back on fun! The 18′ Water Slide has a Speed Ramp that launches you for a super-fast ride into a super wet water pool. The tough, inflatable Speed Ramp provides a smooth landing that glides you onto the slide. No more hard landings! Slide down the lane and enjoy knocking down the inflatable bowling pins (included with the set). This was the hit on the 4th of July! (Tip- Save your breath, use an air pump to blow up the pins lol).

One of our readers will win a Bestway H2OGO! Prize Pack including the Dual Water Slide and Splash Blobz!


I received several Bestway H2OGO products to help facilitate my review. 

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  1. This would be terrific as I remember the fun I had at a neighbors growing up on their “make-do” slip and slide. Money was tight but fun was all around. We had heavy rains a couple of weeks ago (5+”)while my 5 grandkids were here (all under 5) and lots of puddles in our yard. Since there was no lightening, my sons got the kids dressed to get wet. They went in the front yard where the puddles were the best and the kids were scared at first…but after the big boys dove into the water and splashed about the grandkids joined in for the fun. The neighbors were on their porches cheering then on and it was definitely a great day of play. This prize would allow the fun to continue without the rainstorm overhead!

  2. I want to win because this is something that both of my boys would enjoy doing together. They are 5 and 14 so it’s rare that we find anything they want to do together.

  3. I would love to be able to win this so that my niece can have fun while grandma babysits every day! It’s super hot here!

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