Hands Free Living with Cinaton iSense Smart Faucet


I received a review unit in exchange for my honest feedback.

If there is one thing that drives me crazy in the kitchen, it’s touching the faucet with dirty, slimy or wet hands. You try to do the elbow maneuver, maybe even a nose or foot. Whatever you have to do, to not touch the handle so you don’t have to Lysol it down between cooking/baking. Even though sometimes those public bathroom faucets can be finicky, I always wanted a hands free one in my home. 

Automatic faucets with infrared sensors were first developed in the 1950’s but were not produced for commercial use until the late 1980’s. Airports restrooms were among the first places to have them. In the past few years, a few “touchless” faucets were produced. However, they are no different than airport faucets with an additional bacteria covered handle. iSense is the first line of faucets that is truly 100% touch-free.

In comes Cinaton to the rescue! They sent me a beautiful iSense Hands-Free Smart Faucet to enhance our kitchen remodel. And boy did it! Click on my pictures below to see the before and after. 

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I find it super easy to place my hand or fingers near the A+B side to turn the water on or off or D & E to lower/raise the flow. No more worrying about messy little hand prints (lord knows where they have been!), poultry/beef, car grease, pet hair, and a million other things touching and setting on the faucet. 

According to many plumbing manufacturers, a touch-free faucet can inhibit the spread of germs and help save up to 70% of the water that would generally be wasted.

Cinaton isense Faucet

It also doesn’t hurt that the Cinaton iSense Hands-Free Faucet looks like a million dollars, but belongs in every home. If you are thinking of installing a Cinaton Faucet, it’s easier than you think!  Everything is controlled by a Digital Controller which is hidden under the sink. The controller consists of a control valve, two electric gear motors, a solenoid valve, and a PC board which controls the faucet’s functions. The faucet receives its power through a 110-240V AC adapter. 4 AA batteries is all it needs to operate in case of power outages!

Overall: Install went very well. Thankfully we had a family member who is a contractor by trade so he was able to help us DIY. He was very impressed at all the bells & whistles this faucet had. It was not a bad install at all. We were replacing the countertops and sink anyways, so a hole in the counter, running the plug behind the dishwasher, and moving some of the plastic pipes around (due to the sink). My husband figured out the settings faster than I did, which was surprising lol. Sometimes I still stare at it like what am I doing wrong haa, but I am very happy with it. I feel like it enhanced our kitchen visually and for our home value. 

Cinaton Faucets come in a variety of styles and purposes, from Kitchen to Medical, and in pricing from $398-$1200. Our specific model was around $698.

I received a review unit in exchange for my honest feedback.

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  1. This is so much more high tech than I realized! I hadn’t considered the environmental benefits of a touchless faucet. I know it spreads less germs but hadn’t realized that it helps save water too! Very neat.

  2. This is such a cool faucet. I know my husband, who does all the cooking, has been eyeing one of these. He would be a happy man with one of these. Plus, I would be too.

  3. I love that this is hands free! When I am cooking my hands get very dirty and I hate touching the faucet.

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