Hamilton Beach 8pc Stainless Steel Signature Cookware Set Review


Hamilton Beach 8-Piece Signature Stainless Steel cookware set, model # 95012. It is all about focusing on style and function. Hamilton Beach cookware has the distinctive features that meet the real needs of the family chef.

Set Includes:

  • 1Qt Covered Saucepan
  • 2Qt Covered Saucepan
  • 5Qt Covered Dutch Oven
  • 8″ Saute Pan
  • 9.5″ Saute Pan
  • Encapsulated Impact Bonded Heavy Weight Bottoms
  • Mirror polish exterior
  • Satin polish interior
  • Silicone & Stainless Steel Riveted Cool Touch Oven Safe Handles
  • Tempered glass lids
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

This month i switched it up and re-visited my Tacoma Sears Outlet. I was amazed when i walked in and see the remodeling. (Insert broken camera photos here). They had completely rearranged the layout. Even though size wise it was the same store, it seriously looked larger and they even had more products. Every product had its place. To the left were dishwashers and stoves. Towards the back left were sweepers, and beds (which were now on the floor for you to try out). The center was taken up with freezers and upright appliances. Towards the back right was almost a lawn & garden section that was laid out so well i could see men just congregating there. Then over to the right were all the small items, with lots of new toys and even a game system.

I completely loved the new set up they had. Not only did it draw me in but it was far easier to navigate through with kids. Larger isles, you could see over almost everything and spot something a mile away. Thumbs up on the rearrangement!

One thing i want to point out to thrifty moms who can’t afford (or don’t want to buy) those nice game systems this year. Last year i didn’t think my kids were even remotely ready for a wii or xbox. So i opted for a game system called the Reactor. Its wireless, not as great of graphics, eats batteries pretty well, but does the job. My kids thought it was an actual Wii and it was only $60. Sears Outlet has the newest model with more games. I almost picked up 2 of these instead of my nice pot & pan set. I instantly thought i should buy this new one (even thought we still have the old one) and give one to our neighbor girl. I couldn’t find it on the Sears Outlet site but i do know my store had a ton in stock. Before Christmas approaches, swing over and see if your store has one. Its so worth the price honestly. Get some good batteries and let the kids have at it. Plus, all the games are built in!

I ended up choosing the Hamilton Beach 8 piece Stainless Steel Signature Cookware Set (seen above). I needed new pots and pans and decided to be a total scrooge and choose something for myself this time. They looked shiny and new and beautiful. I wanted them on my stove. It came with enough pieces for a starter/newlywed couple for sure. It had 2 pans, 2 pots and one large cooker plus lids. So far i have used them a few times (i try to grab them more often over my others ha).  I have a love/hate relationship with my non stick pans. Either they rock or they totally fail. At least with stainless steel its my fault if something sticks lol. Plus don’t they look beautiful while cooking. Makes you look like the pro you aren’t. (At least at my house). Priced at $112 on SearsOutlet.com i found them a steal compared to store brands. And to add to it… a not too shabby Lifetime Guarantee.

Before i go, i wanted to add 2 things. One, i just wanted to give my Tacoma manager, Christina,  a really big shout out. She always remembers myself and my kids names, rushes to say hello to every customer who comes in,always has a smile, and takes time out to thank military members for their service. I never see her sitting behind a desk when i come either. Shes just always up and providing the best customer service. If you swing into that store, just ask for her, i guarantee she will provide 110% friendliness and knowledge.

Ok, so second. Man, i totally need your help on this next part. I have been dead set on a new freezer. Actually not a new one, just one in general. I have come to realize with children i need to stock up on things and our little 2 shelf freezer is not cutting it at all. But at the same time, do i really want a solid freezer only? So i seen some awesome freezer/fridge combos like this Samsung one (below). It has great reviews and a good price. I am looking at a lil lower of course but do any of you have some ideas or personal experience? Please give me some feedback.


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  1. Oh man I LOVE the one that you have in the picture! If I was going to get a freezer, I would get the combo to keep in the garage for keeping the kids drinks cold plus extra freezer room. We never have enough room to keep all the drinks cool during our super hot summers. Love the shiny pots too 🙂

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