Ever wish you could have THAT hair? You know the kind that is so full of volume and bounce, looks effortless and beautiful at the same time?


Yeah, me too!  Hairdo by Hair U Wear gave me that when they sent me the 14″ clip-in layered flip (Vibralite fiber) extension and you will find all the details about this exact clip-in here.  This has been such a fun review to do!  That is until it really hit me that this means that I have to post pictures of myself, close ones, not my favorite thing really (sigh…), but still worth it I decided!  So here you are, check out for yourself the before and after:


Salon Clip-in Extensions From Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves

hairdo® is available in both 100% fine human hair and Kanekalon Vibralite® modacrylic fiber, the finest quality synthetic fiber available.

The collection is available in 21” long human hair and in four synthetic versions: long and mid-lengths in straight or softly waved textures. Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.

All hairdo® Clip-in Extension Systems consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts.

My whole family could tell the difference although the extension blended so well that they couldn’t tell which hair was mine and which was not.  However, they definitely could tell that I had more hair!  The extensions are really easy to clip in and although you can certainly feel that it is there, it was not uncomfortable to wear at all.  I did not use any extra clips other than the ones that are attached to it and it was and the extension stayed secure.  Of course my daughter was dying to try it out, we I let her have a chance too.  It even looked so cute on her!

She has wonderfully thick and wavy hair already and the extension blended right in with her color and style!  She thought it was so cool and was very disappointed that I would not continue to let her wear it.  I told her that she was only allowed to wear it for modeling purposes and only when Mommy needed her to.  Some things are just for Mommies!!

Overall I thought that this hairdo extension looks very natural, blends nicely and is really easy to attach.  It definitely is a time saver too, because once I clipped it in there was nothing else that needed to be done!  Hairdo by HairUWear is a fun accessory that any woman can use on her own and it makes a big impact on your overall look – I love it!!!

Would you like to know who is behind hairdo? Let me fill you in:

HairDo is a line of clip-in hair extensions inspired by Jessica Simpson and created by her renowned hair stylist, Ken Paves. It’s the ultimate way to emulate Jessica’s confident, breathtaking, ever-evolving style everyday, simply and stunningly.

“Ken and I always love trying new styles out on my hair,” says Jessica. “Our secret has always been extensions and now we want to show women everywhere how easy they are to use and how much fun changing hairstyles can be with our new line, HairDo.”

“Jessica is my muse,” explains Ken. “She is never afraid to try a new style, length or color with extensions and that is why we have created so many memorable red carpet, movie and music video looks together over the years. People always ask me what I use to style her hair and now we are finally sharing our secret weapons with the world. This new collection, HairDo, means that every woman can have access to the same tricks that I use when I work on Jessica’s hair.”

The entire HairDo collection was inspired by styles that Ken has created for Jessica, and each piece was test driven by Jessica herself. To create HairDo, Jessica and Ken partnered with Hair U Wear®, the world’s leading manufacturer of hair extensions. Hair U Wear utilized 100% human hair and Vibralite®, a patented fiber that remarkably mimics the look and feel of natural hair, to bring Jessica and Ken’s creative visions to life.

Hair U Wear is honored to bring this style collaboration to the marketplace,” says Michael Napolitano, President of Hair U Wear. “Jessica is a style icon and Ken is a true visionary. HairDo sets a new precedent in hair extensions we are proud to be a part of it.”


Where you can find it:  hairdo is available at thousands of salons in the United States.  It is also available on, and  To find a salon near you or for more information, please visit





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