Guidecraft: TEXO 100 Piece Set

Press Sample

Thanks to Guidecraft my boys are getting the opportunity to test out their building skills this month.  We have been playing with the TEXO 100 piece set every afternoon after school homework is completed.

TexoTM is the award-winning 3 dimensional design and construction system by architect, author and designer Lester Walker. The beauty of TexoTM is the variety of building systems found within one toy: simple puzzles, shape sorting and color matching at its most basic level, the system allows for a gradual progression to stacking the interconnected shapes and on to advanced architectural models such as bridges, houses, skyscrapers and more! Solid wood rods and planks coupled with the geometric precision of molded plastic connectors enhance the design and construction potential. Also included is a deluxe Activity Guide with how-to’s, commentary and step-by-step instructions on maximizing the potential of TexoTM. Ages 3+.


Retails for $39.95

My take:

Mom’s perspective:  TEXO is appropriate for ages 3-8+ which is perfect for my two boys who are 5 & 7.  Each and every time they play they start out with individual projects but once ones deems the other’s project “cooler” it turns into a joint project.  They briefly looked at the instruction booklet (which I thought had a lot of great ideas in it) and started exploring on their own.  This week it seems to be different variations of houses.  I love how the 5 year old starts building basic structures and then with the 7 year old’s input starts to make more complex structures.



Physical Therapist perspective:  Spatial awareness is a key component to the TEXO products.  Each piece can be placed in multiple configurations so this product may be a great tool for children in the autism spectrum.  Fine motor coordination, hand/eye coordination and the differing tactile objects are all great learning avenues with this product also.