Guidecraft Roadway System & Traffic Signs

As we start another year of Guidecraft Educators, my boys were particularly thrilled with this next opportunity:  Roadway System and Traffic Signs.

Roadway System 42 piece set:

The 42-piece set includes varied sizes and shapes for countless roadway configurations in the classroom or playroom. Children will find the durable, hardwood veneered pieces are sized to their unit blocks, at a 5″ standard width, and can be easily put together and taken apart like puzzle pieces. A set ideal for large group play, the Roadway System builds teamwork, cooperation, and sharing skills among children, while enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills with each new design. Sizes range from 2.5″ to 15″ long. Ages 2+.

Retails for $80.00

Traffic Signs:

Teach sign recognition and safety at an early age while increasing children’s fun with block play. All-wood, sturdy, non-tip bases, perfect for the tabletop or floor. Great to use with Community Buildings and Roadway System. Set of 13. Ages 3+.

Retails for $22.00

My take:  I was impressed by the number of pieces (42) that came with this roadway system:

We also loved the details- each piece looks like an actual piece of the road with lanes going each way and there are certain pieces that have a pedestrian crosswalk.

The roadways are actual wide enough to accommodate large vehicles as well:

As for the traffic signs, I loved how well-packaged they came ensuring no scratches:

The signs are bright, colorful and sturdy with no sharp edges:

Mom Perspective:  I love how well these two products can be used together.  My boys will spend countless hours playing with this set.  The roadway system is easy to interlock, sturdy for two rough playing boys and wide enough to accommodate all sizes of vehicles.  I particularly love the traffic signs as they help teach my children roadway safety.  I even found another use for the stop sign as a reminder to stop and wash their hands:

Physical Therapist Perspective:  What a great way to teach children spatial awareness by having them place cars in their respective lanes.  Coordination of the hands and eyes are needed to interlock the roadway system and place the traffic signs in their correct places.   The pieces are sturdy and wide enough for little hands to easily grasp and there are no sharp edges to worry about!


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