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As a Guidecraft Educator I have seen numerous review items come my way and so far this one has captured my boys’ interest the most.  Guidecraft PowerClix.

We received the 52 piece set:


PowerClix TM, the 3D Building System from Guidecraft, lets you explore and build endless models with the easy click ‘n connect system. Super-strong magnetic force creates a quick connect for fast, simple and powerful 3D modeling. Build bridges, skyscrapers, animals and more. Colorful translucent plastics and unique geometric shapes and extender rods allow for open-ended, creativity-inspiring constructions. The PowerClix TM Activity Guide gives young builders step-by-step instructions on how to create a variety of models while teaching them the basics of science, construction and engineering. Ages 5+.

Retails for $79.95.

My take:

Mom’s perspective:  Both of my boys were home when I received this package and at first they glanced at the product and walked away.  When I laid all the pieces on the floor and started building they were semi-interested, however when I started building 3D shapes they both came running.  This set comes with a booklet which has several building ideas but my boys have rarely looked at the booklet, instead they want to create their own masterpieces which I love.  Here is a picture of their absolute favorite build so far (it is a roller coaster):


They also love how strong the magnets are:


There are enough pieces for two to easily share.  Here is a picture of about half of the set’s different shapes and c0lors:


I have left the set out in the living room for over 3 weeks now and at least 4 times a week I see the boys playing with them.  I love the team work, imagination and patience I see during each build.  I do wish this set had a container for storage.

Physical Therapist’s perspective:  The bright colors and magnetic features are sure to draw a child to this product.  This is a great products for tactile, fine motor coordination, spatial awareness and just plain fun.  I could easily see myself setting these pieces on a mat and letting the child just play with them while I focus on weight-bearing and posture in standing.  The great thing is a child doesn’t even know he is “working” because he is so busy playing.  Fine motor coordination and spatial awareness is practiced each time a child attaches two pieces together.


Press Sample


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