Guidecraft: Peekabook Lock Boxes Set of 6

I am back this month with another great product from GuidecraftPeekabook Lock Boxes Set of 6


Unlock each box to explore what’s behind each door! This set of six wooden lock boxes is ideal for learning shape, color, and spatial relationships. Sort the shapes into the appropriate boxes, view them through the transparent, colored acrylic windows, and unlock the doors to retrieve them! Builds muscles in little hands and strengthens problem-solving and fine-motor skills. The chunky, solid wood shapes are easy to grasp, and all six boxes fit into a handy storage tray. Each lock box measures 4.2”W x 4.2”D x 4.2”H. Ships fully assembled. Ages 2+.

Retails for $90.00

My take:

Mom perspective:  I waited until the boys were in school then placed this set in the living room.  Within minutes of entering the room the 4 year old was immediately on the floor exploring each lock box.  I loved how each box has a unique lock, some which are easy and some that take a little time and skill.  He was so focused on the lock aspect of each box that it took my older son to point out that each had a shape sorter on top as well.  He has had a great time with these boxes and has now used them with other toys, placing them into the boxes and trying to have his brother guess what the object is behind the colored acrylic window.



Physical Therapist perspective:  Oh what my occupational therapy friends wouldn’t give to have this set.  (I plan to donate it to them once my daughter outgrows them).   Fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills can be utilized in so many ways with these boxes.  Trying to place the correct shape in its shape sorter, placing the box in its colored spot, opening/closing the doors, unlocking/locking the individualized locks, grasping and handling each wooden shape, removing the shapes from the boxes and lifting each box from the storage tray.    Spatial awareness is also practiced by placing the shapes in their correct box, placing the box in the storage tray, and removing the shape from its enclosed box.  Children with tactile sensitivities can practice holding the smooth shapes, feeling the different locks, tracing the shape sorter patterns and feeling the smooth colored windows.

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