Guidecraft Multi Match Sensory Discs (G99004) & Balance Base (G99001) Review

I have worked with kids in the past with sensory and balance issues as a physical therapist so I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Multi Match Sensory Discs (G99004) & Balance Base (G99001) from Guidecraft.

Multi Match Sensory Discs (G99004):

Close your eyes and feel the tactile pattern on the small hand time. Test your sensory skill by matching that pattern to one on the tactile base plated that you feel with your feet. That is just one of many ways of matching using the Multi Match Sensory Discs. Match colors, shapes or numbers. Toss a disc to the matching colored base plate. Play seated or standing! . Set includes 5 tactile base plated of different colors and 20 hand tiles ( 4 of each color) Base plates measure 11.75″ diameter. Hand tiles measure 4.5″ in diameter. Great for enhancing sensory perception, color and shape matching, and fine motor skills

Retails for $70.00.

Balance Base (G99001):

Develop enhanced gross motor skills with this unique rocking and balance base. Features smooth edges and a natural colored finish and can be flipped over to the opposite side for a different balancing challenge

Retails for $60.00

My take:

Physical therapist perspective:  Let’s start with the sensory discs…. having worked with kids that thrive on sensory input these discs are perfect for them.  The wood is smooth and the shapes feel strikingly different from the wood.  I really like the educational component that is added with the shapes and numbers which leads to numerous ways to get children to interact.  The balance base is a great way to challenge a child’s balance.   Children quickly figure out that the wider the base of support the easier the task.  The base is sturdy and well-made.

Mom perspective:  Oh how both of the boys have been enjoying the balance base.  I like that there are two levels of difficulty so the 3 year old can feel like he is keeping up with his brother!  The sensory discs have been a great way to encourage activity while stuck inside the house during this colder weather.  We space them pretty far apart to see who can jump the farthest.

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I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.

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