Gripsterz Stay Along


We just recently returned from our first visit to Disney and boy was I nervous about long lines and young children.  This next product helped ease my fears:  Gripsterz Monkey Character Handle Stay Along:


Gripsterz from ViveVita is a great new product that combines cool fun for little ones with a great function for moms and dads. Gripsterz eases the fears of being out and about with your little one.

When adults and kids are out and about touring the town together, Gripsterz keeps those little wanderers close by. With their new best buddy – Grippy, kids are free to explore and enjoy their world – and their buddy always keeps them close to Mom or Dad.

  • Gripsterz kit includes: one irresistible Grippy monkey ring with attaching clip, two vine straps (1 ft & 2 ft) with an attaching clip, an adult handle, a convenient storage bag and a Grippy book for kids.
  • The Grippy adventure book enhances the child’s natural attachment tendencies to their new friend Grippy and encourages enjoyable adventure experiences.
  • Interchangeable pieces allow for a variety of adventure needs.
  • Easy to use
  • Can be clipped to a stroller, belt hoop, shopping cart, luggage, purse, and many other portable devices.
  • Great for crossing streets and parking lots, visiting museums, exploring parks, attending festivals, and traveling anywhere.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made of nontoxic materials
  • WARNING! Gripsterz is not a toy.  Never leave child unattended.  Use only with adult supervision. Never use to physically restrain child.

Gripsterz is an adorable adventurous monkey attached to a ring that is swinging from a vine strap. The monkey is irresistible to grip and the vine is conveniently attached to a parent in many different ways. Kids will reflexively keep their monkey friend gripped tightly in hand, while parents are free to walk or stop as they desire.

My take:  The Gripsterz were a lifesaver in Disney.  Robyn was gracious to send 2 so we could keep both boys under control.  I was amazed at how quickly they adapted to the Gripsterz.  The 2 year old called him his mookey and they really worked great.  I really liked the interchangeable pieces- great for so many different activities.



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  1. This would be a terrific product for me because I have 2 very active little boys, one 2 and the other 4 months. We travel overseas to visit family quite often and have difficulty keeping our younguns close while carrying diaper bags, carry ons, purses ect! We could really use it!

  2. I want to win this as a gift for our nephew, he is at the age where this would come in very handy!
    irshsmil9 @

  3. I would love to have this when my almost nine month old becomes more mobile. It scares me that I'm going to lose him in a crowd! He's only crawling now and it's amazing how quick he is!

  4. my three year old loves to run and hide from me and makes me so nervous she is hard to keep up with especially since I am pregnant and have a 4 year old.

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