Great Ideas for Silver Christening Gifts


When it comes to christening gifts, most people immediately think of silver. This is possible because gold can be seen as gaudier and the whiteness of silver represents innocence and new beginnings.

There are some time-honored silver gifts that are traditionally given to the child at its christening, like bracelets and crosses and these are always appreciated. There are also other options, like silver bullion and coins, it’s a good idea to do your research before buying precious metals for a christening as it’s not just a gift here, it’s an investment.

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A bound photo album

Although most of us store our family photos online nowadays, there’s still something very special about a physical album that you can open, touch and discuss with your children and other relatives. Buying a silver-plated photo album, maybe with the child’s details engraved on the front, is showing how you expect the child to have a long and happy life filled with lots of Kodak moments.

A silver cutlery set

This isn’t to be used, of course! Well, maybe just once or twice when Junior has learned how to feed himself, then the photos can go straight into that album. As ever with christening gifts, the knife, fork, and spoon can be embossed with the child’s initials and their birthdate, or maybe with a little message from the givers.

Silver money boxes

Sensible parents and relatives encourage the child to start saving money as soon as possible, so why not set them on the right path at their first big public outing? A well-made, good-quality metal money box will last a lifetime and may end up being passed on down the generations to make a family tradition.

A silver luggage tag

This is a symbolic luggage tag only – the journey the child is setting off on with this tag is life itself! However, it shows that you’re hoping for an exciting life, filled with travel and adventure, for the baby as it grows. This tag is also a quirky little counterpoint to the bracelets and money boxes that will flood in on the big day.

A silver tooth box

This is a great gift, whether you believe in the Tooth Fairy or not. You can get the child’s details engraved into the top, or maybe a special message to Ms. T. Fairy. When the special day arrives, that first lost tooth can take its place in the box, either for posterity or wait for collection. Maybe you can replace the tooth with an, especially valuable coin once it’s been taken away…

An expanding silver bangle

This is a classic christening gift and you really can’t go wrong. It’s not meant for everyday wear, obviously, but the child can wear it for important occasions for the first few years of its life, maybe right up to confirmation. What’s great about a bangle is that you can engrave a short message onto it, making it truly unique and special.