Giving Back Christmas Giveaway


2 years ago my family was selected for a Santa shop here on base. Basically it was a place to go get free toys, blankets, bikes, etc for your kids. Plus they provided a tree and dinner. I remember crying when I left being so overwhelmed with gratitude that someone cared to do that for me. Who was I to them but another military family who’s husband was deployed at the most special time of the year. Plus I had just moved on Dec 23rd into a new house. Talk about feeling exceptionally lonely.

I vowed to help as soon as things picked up. Thanks to blogging and coupons, things have, and of course I have down days (or even months), I can say that my daughters Christmas is taken care of. Best of all, Our family will be together thanks to no deployment.

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Now, I won a few Gift Cards that I honestly have no need for. I am sure I could stock up on more TP (cause my kids poop alot), or I could buy enough Ham for a few months. But, I would rather help another family.

Prize(s)– 1 Winner will get $50 worth of surprise toys from me via Amazon & a 7lb Ham from HoneyBaked Ham.

To enter– Just leave me a comment below. 1 entry per person, 1 time.

Ends– 12/16 ( I will pull the winner around 8am pacific so that i can order everything on time)

Open to 48 contiguous states only.

Ps- If you are Military as well, check out our Military Only Giveaway

(If anyone else would like to add to the prize, just email me at  Amazon & ham prize will be supplied by me. 

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