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Each time I go shopping for clothes in a department store I get a little frustrated. Just once I would like to find a cart that fits two children. The majority of department stores have no carts so I lug my stroller in for the 15 month old and the 3 yr old gets to roam free. And roam he does. Every 30 seconds I find myself looking for him instead of concentrating on shopping. Of course being the little stinker he is, he likes to “hide” in the clothes racks away from mommy.

I found a product that just might help me keep my sanity and allow me to get some shopping completed. The Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker is a great little device meant to be used on toddlers who like to roam. A little ladybug (your choice of color from red, green, or yellow) is attached to your child’s shirt. It is recommended to place the tracking bug onto the back of the shirt where the child is unable to reach it. Turn on the ladybug and have a little more peace of mind because now you have a small remote you can push to help find your child. Once the remote is activated, the ladybug lets off a “child-friendly” series of beeps to help locate your child. The remote can detect your child for up to 75-100 feet indoors, and 100+ feet outdoors. Worried your toddler might take off the device or someone else may remove it?….theGiggle bug will let off a continuous beep alerting the parent. It also runs on 4 different frequencies so multiple Giggle Bugs can be used at once.
Does it work?
While I recommend still keeping on high alert watching a roaming child, the Giggle bug did help relieve some of my concern when using it indoors…especially when my toddler likes to “hide” from mommy. A simple press of the button and I can find him quickly. Of course as everyone knows 75 to 100 feet is a distance a toddler can cover quickly so be on the lookout!
The beeping from the Giggle Bug wasn’t too annoying, or high pitched, yet it was loud enough to easily hear it over adults’ conversations. I recommend it for indoor activities such as grocery or clothes shopping. I am a little more wary about outdoors given the wide open spaces kids like to run.
The Giggle bug is available for $19.95 with shipping and handling of $4.95, but the company is running a special offer right now for buy one get one free (just pay the cost of shipping- $4.95 on the second giggle bug).
The Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker is generously offering 1 Lucky MommyPR reader a Giggle Bug of her own!
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  1. Visiting friends or family. A herd of little ones can scatter fast and get into a lot of mischief. If you can tag one you might get a leg up on rounding up the rest.

  2. I would love to use this at the park or the grocery store with my daughter, it would definitely ease some stress. Thanks!

  3. i would say fair or the park, zoo thanks for the chance to win this i could really use it with my three year old

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