George Foreman Healthy Cooking Evolve Grill Review


I was pretty excited to be offered the opportunity to review the Evolve Grill from George Foreman Healthy Cooking.  Many years I owned an original George Foreman grill and loved it!  It was perfect when there was only two of us to cook for and we got a whole lot of use out of it.  I was definitely looking forward to seeing what changes has taken place over the years and how the Evolve Grill would be different from the original.  With George Foreman’s long time commitment to helping people simplify healthy meals, this is a perfect additions to my healthy living series!

About Evolve Grill: Get the grill that lets you have an entire kitchen of versatility in just one compact appliance! The Evolve™ Grill • Bake • Mini-Burger starts with 4 plates – 2 grill plates, 1 deep-dish bake pan and 1 mini-burger insert – then lets you build your collection with up to 7 additional plates available. It’s the perfect grill for anyone looking to expand their healthy cooking menu without cluttering counters with a lot of extra appliances.

  • 4-plate starter set includes 2 grill plates, 1 deep-dish bake pan and 1 mini-burger insert
  • Patented sloped design lets fat and unwanted grease drain away as you cook
  • Adjustable angle changes the cooking surface from flat for even cooking to our patented slope for healthier grilling
  • George Tough™ nonstick coating allows you to cook oil-free, plus minimizes cleanup
  • Digital time & temperature control lets you easily set and monitor cooking for precise results on a variety of foods
  • Extra-high floating hinge adjusts automatically to the thickness of food to perfectly press thick cuts of meat and stuffed Panini
  • Embedded heating elements provide even heat from the center to the sides of the plate and faster temperature recovery
  • Custom drip tray catches fat and grease as you cook, then empties easily for fast cleanup
  • Custom spatula offers easy serving without scratching the nonstick surface
  • Dishwasher-safe removable plates & accessories make cleanup a breeze

My Thoughts: I was really impressed with the versatility of this grill right off the bat.  The interchangeable plates are a fantastic idea and I knew right away that I wanted to try out something using the deep-dish bake pan and wanted to do it in a way that would really show how unlimited the cooking possibilities are with this grill.  I decided to use the grill to bake our pumpkin seeds this year, so I placed them in the pan, tossed in a little salt, butter and soy sauce and closed it up.  I only had to mix them up one time and it took a total of about 10 minutes and we had the most beautiful looking, delicious pumpkin seeds!  They didn’t even make it until the end of the day because everyone kept going back for more!   You can also use the deep-dish pan to make brownies, cornbread, and pasta dishes.

Of course you can also use the grill plates to cook anything you would normally cook on your outdoor grill with the convenience of cooking inside and the drip pan collects all the runoff fat to assure that your meal is as healthy as possible!   We all love when we have meals that have been cooked on the grill, but even though it is such a flavorful way to cook, we usually don’t do it during the week.  By the time my hubby gets home, I usually have dinner already made.  I rarely choose to go out and start up the grill and fix our dinner out there because I also have things cooking on the stove or oven and running out to the back yard is just not convenient.  Now with our new Evolve Grill I can easily grill up some chops to go with our dinner without having to leave something cooking inside – super easy and healthy!  Clean up is quick and simple because the plates can go right in the dishwasher if you want them to, or you can so easily wash them up in the sink and slide the whole grill right in your cupboard (or in my case I keep it in the pantry).  I absolutely love the George Foreman Healthy Cooking Evolve Grill and even plan on getting one for my mom (great Christmas gift!) so that she can easily cook herself a healthy meal.  The Evolve Grill will make a great addition to your healthy kitchen too!


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  1. I won this on another blog a few months ago. I was amazed at what I could cook on it. Everthing, so far if one plate woun’t cook it the other one will. I am Diabetic and confined to my home pretty much all the time now and I never turn on my store. This grill is all I need.

  2. My daughter has an older model, I recently seen the bigger and fancier ones. I was thinking of adding this to my list for the hubby. I convinced there more uses then making a sandwich.

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