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Ever heard of the Steam Boy steam mop? I had the opportunity to work with Reliable Corporation, the maker of the Steam Boy, to review their G4 Garment Steamer. I inherited some weird gene from my parents that makes me always want freshly pressed clothes. After wearing a uniform for 4 years, I got accustomed to always ironing. And truthfully, it never bothered me because that weird gene makes me actually enjoy ironing – I did say it was weird, right? Now that I no longer wear a uniform, I still find myself ironing my business attire for work. I had never really thought about using a steamer to unwinkle my clothes before, so I was quite interested to try the G4 garment steamer.

A few of the great features about the G4 are:
– The container holds one gallon of water so you aren’t constantly refilling and can continuously steam without stopping to refill
– Flexible steam hose for easy maneuvering
– Automatic shut-off feature, which is great in case you get distracted for too long and forget to shut it off yourself
– Removeable brush
– Wheels on the base which makes it easy to pull out of the closet
– No need to empty the water container after each use
I thought all these features were great, but what I liked most is that I was actually satisfied with how my steamed clothes turned out in the end. After using only an iron for years, I didn’t think the steamer would cut it for me. The G4 exceeded my expectations! Besides my excitement over the end result, I also liked that it was incredibly quick and easy to use. I put my clothes on hangers and just hung one at a time on the hose handle at the top. All that’s required is waving the hose up and down over the garment. I found I had the best results when I slightly tugged on the bottom of the garment as I was steaming. Keeping the tension on the bottom helped the wrinkles smooth out faster. Another great feature was that I pretty much cut the amount of time I spent usually ironing in half by using the G4 steamer.
I only had one complaint – no crisp creases. I knew that I wouldn’t get creases going into this review so it wasn’t a let down or anything. Just being thorough and disclosing all of my thoughts on the G4 steamer. Also, I do not have small children, so it isn’t a concern of mine, but as one would expect from a steamer, the hose does get hot to the touch. If you follow the instructions when using the G4 garment steamer and don’t leave the steamer unattended then everything should be fine. Just wanted to continue with

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