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My boys got spoiled by this latest product review….personalized books for each of them.  Where did I get them?  From a great company called Frecklebox.  First a little about Frecklebox:


Frecklebox is on a mission to educate and entertain. So we conceived this here web-based business to offer truly unique, personalized gifts for children at affordable prices. The site makes it quick and easy to customize each item so it prominently features the name of the child who will receive the gift. Our entertaining selection of personalized books, posters, growth charts, personalized journals coloring books, stickers, placemats, puzzles, and other personalized items, are designed to delight your children and friends.

One guy’s name is Scott. The other one is Mark. Both guys dove into the baby making business over a decade ago. Even before that, in partnership, they created a printing and distribution business called Progressive Solutions. Both their kids and their company inspired Frecklebox. You see, as parents, these guys take the job of expanding their children’s minds very seriously. And as business people, they’ve been on a relentless mission to explore the possibilities of web-based digital printing. Presto. Frecklebox was born. Hopefully, a great big Frecklehead family will follow.

When I contacted Frecklebox, they graciously allowed me to pick whatever I wanted from their site.  Now you really need to go take a look at the site so you can understand why I had such a difficult time choosing.  They have personalized coloring books, personalized growth charts, personalized journals, personalized lunchboxes, personalized notebooks, personalized party favors, personalized placemats, personalized posters, personalized puzzles, personalized school folders, personalized stickers, and personalized books.  I must confess I contacted them back and said “please help, I can’t choose”.  I was amazed when they told me they were going to send me a personalized hard cover story book for both of my boys!  I choose the “My Name is” for the 3 yr old because he is learning to spell and recognize his name and the “Zoo Book” for my 17 month old because he loves the zoo.


My Name is Book:  Mother Nature has never been more magical. You personalize the book’s dedication and story. The child’s name pops off of page after stunning page. See for yourself why “My Name is” is a delight for children of all ages.


The Zoo Book:  This majestic zoo book takes your child through the zoo. The animals challenge the child to find his or her name camouflaged in each setting. Your child is will marvel at the magic these mammals possess and engage in the interactive fun.

My Take:  Now the great thing is that you can do all the ordering online…once you type the name you want for personalization, it will take you page by page and actually shows you how the name will look…what a great feature!  Once I received these books, the first thing that caught my attention was the size.  Each one is 8.5 x 8.5 inches in size…which I love because it makes them easier for both boys to grasp and hold.  The pages of each book are just simply stunning- vibrant, crisp, and very clear.  My personal favorite is the Zoo Book because my 17 month’s name is hidden on one zoo animal in each setting.  I also love My Name is because it spells the 3 yr old’s name nice and big in each setting.  Quite simply breathtaking.

Now the owners also suprised me with a great notebook that has my name personalized on the front cover and each page of the notebook…how great is that.


These personalized notebooks are the perfect back to school staple with a sturdy laminated cover, 50 double–sided, wide ruled, standard size (8.5″ x 11″) sheets, and white plastic spiral binding.

The cost of the hard bound storybooks are $34.95, soft bound books are $19.99, and the personalized notebooks are $9.99






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